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Lunar Eclipse in Cancer can have a challenging effect upon our souls. Any eclipse shakes our foundations. Most times the ?out of the blue? happening occurs in direct proportion to how off path (out of sync with our soul aka higher self) we are.? The sign and house placement tells us how and where. In KC’s chart this Eclipse falls in our third and ninth houses. These adaptable house represent how we learn, communicate often centered upon observation and travel. In the chart for Washington D.C. it spans the second and eighth houses of resources and peer relationships. ‘This town needs an enema!’ shrieked Jack Nicholson in Batman. The eighth house is connected to eliminating what (or who) is no longer needed…and secrets. Like the trials during the Jim Crow era, we knew who was guilty, but rarely, if ever, was a white defendant paid the price. The Emperor has no clothes on and this Eclipse with its six planets (yes, I count Ceres) in mature Capricorn breaks a log jam of tribe (Cancer) or the rule of law (Capricorn).

Commitment to higher ideals through conscious attunement (which takes consistent work) is paramount. Each of us is being called to access our higher elder selves. The stress of actually considering WWWIII is awakening in of itself. Truly I say to you (in a most reverent of tones), may we systematically begin to leave not only our military bases in Iraq, but these shared resources (hello, 8th house and our upcoming Pluto return) can be used domestically and internationally on retraining our work force and the elephant in the room, climate change. Hell, we won’t die from a nuclear bomb, we will (and are dying) from extreme climate.

What each of us needs is as simple and complex is love. Love of self & others. Goals are gr8, yet connection is better. We can operate from love or fear (covered in A Course of Miracles), ego or soul. Like the Libran scales of justice, which weighs more as you love through your daily world? Suffering or joy? Attached to control or freedom in each moment to cooperate and share your authentic self? Suppressing your perspectives or risking expression of self-evident truths based upon ethics, values and, yep, you guessed it…love.

Don’t know about you, but I intend to live and serve my higher elder self. I?ve been thought of as crazy, weird (which I consider to be a compliment) and naive, yet my personal life overflows with love. Allow this Lunar Eclipse in ‘I feel’ Cancer reminds your soul of what (and who) matters?


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