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This website is dedicated to Venus (mostly).? Hell, my first (and only) astrological certification is through the Venus Star Point (the alignment of the Sun/consciousness, Venus/harmony & Earth/physical).? Writing about Mars has not been a priority.? Why now?? As Venus makes her ascent in the evening skies to go retrograde on July 25, it is very important to understand her relationship to Mars, her assertive counterpart.

Tonight Mars goes in Gemini.? Curious, active and agile reporter mind sign of the twins, that?s the adaptable air sign of late spring.? At 9.40 pm CDT (5/11/15), this assertive energy that doubles as the symbol for biological male goes all prodigal son on the collective.? I?ve spent part of the day researching the connection of the two faces of Venus (warrior, hello Mars again & lover) through the parable of the prodigal son.? Even today at the car repair shop, a woman brought her car in who was named Venus (her last name was after a metal, Venus, in Chinese Astrology is connected to the metal element).? No, I cannot make this stuff up.? What does this mean for you?

Do you know where your Mars is located in your natal chart?? When you do not, you do not know how you start stuff.? You do not know how you piss off folk.? You also do not know how to most effectively act upon your passions.? The Venus Star Point and your Mars, their relationship can show your personal pot of exciting gold.? With all this Gemini energy bouncing around, know that Venus and Mercury created Hermaphroditus.? Gender identification as a mental construct?

This Gemini beginning for Mars comes under a close combination of Saturn (disciplinarian) and Moon (feeling/instinct).? Except for Virgo, the inquisitive mutable signs are looking for their own amount of attention.? How can you reflect upon how you say what you say, know that it is inspires while believing the best of your audience?? That?s what this Mars has to teach us until June 24, 2015.? Use your mind to think young (that is, let your curiosity lead the way, admit to what you do not know).

Warrior, self-assertive and where you place your fire, that?s Mars.? He?s your hero and brute all rolled up into one.? When women do not own their Mars, they project their individuality and fall for the bad boy (or girl), in essence, someone lives out their passions.? When do not live out their Mars energies they are easily subsumed into what their partner wants, a ship without a rudder.

When Mars blazes through the sign of the Twins (and siblings), you can expect heated discussions, argumentativeness and a general orneriness. There can be a meanness with this planet and Mars, a love of vagueness and at the worse end a pathological relationship to the facts.? The eternal child that refuses to see when their hand in the cookie jar. In the positive column, a clearing of the air, a mind invigorated by taking immediate steps on long term goals and a willingness to use the mind to find those who have like-minded passions.

Sibling oriented Mercury is slowing down to go retrograde.? Expect the communication wires of all your favorite mind extension devices to go haywire and frustrate you.? No argument over principles, instead slow down, write out your concerns or at the very least, agree to bring in someone who can mediate.

But your ego must 1) show up, 2) pay attention, 3) be loyal to truth telling 4) be outcome neutral.

More later?

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