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If you have felt your desires and passions have been sitting at the fulcrum of a see saw since December 7, 2013, you’d be in alignment with your root chakra aka your instinctive center.

Because of Warrior Mars slowed down to retrograde on March 1, he spent 8.5 months in the peace making Libra. ?But, the world looks anything but peaceful. ?One of astrology’s biggest myths is that Libra is only about peace, getting along and singing kumbaya. ?Libra begins the season of fall, it is air, so it is driven by its ideals. ?Through Libra our egos get initiated into a relationship with our higher selves aka our soul.

Mars can be assertive or aggressive. ?The god of war can be protective of the underdog or a bully. ?This energy tends to think and act in opposition. ?Either you are a part of the solution or the problem. When he does not heed the smoothing agent found in Venus (Libra ruled), you get war.

When tribal or clannish instincts are aroused, you get an increase in the a martial need for war.

The Six Day War Israel takes the Gaza Strip from Egypt. ?It occurred from June 5-10, 1967. ?Mars had just begun to move again in the sign of Libra (17 degrees). ?On July 8, 2014 Mars was moving slowly at 21 degrees of Libra. ?Cycles of war are shown with the movement of this red planet.

Battles based on a me vs. them mentality can be personal, interpersonal and transpersonal (planetary). ?Is it any wonder that Libra forms a square (challenging angle) to Cancer (family/bloodline) and Capricorn (government/). ?When our inner world does not match our outer actions, friction/war ensues.

Transforming Pluto in authoritative Capricorn brings a finality, even apocalyptic quality. ?Realize that Uranus (freedom/individuated consciousness) and Pluto were joined in service oriented Virgo in 1967. ?Today, they create enormous tension to each other from Aries to Capricorn.

Compulsion to Fight?

From July 25 to September 13, Mars returns to his ruling sign of Scorpio. ?Since 1930, he has shared rulership with underworldly Pluto. ?Conscious action can no longer unmarry itself from psychological reflection and study. ?That’s one of the lessons powerful Pluto teaches all of us.

Martial energy starts off with immense self focus, so what does this have to do with you?

Aries/Scorpio/Capricorn Sun or Rising folk have more of the warrior/hero light shining upon them. ?Each of these have Mars sitting in their bellies wanting them to act from integrity and excellence. ?

Aries, know that the warrior is within. ?Without slowing your roll to act the reasons behind your actions, you become predictable, patterned and pushy. ?Lose your rationalizing and admit when you have wronged someone. ?Carrying hidden anger is a Scorpio meme, it does not look good on you.

Scorpio, what do you really wish for? ?How do you want to change how you initial see the world? ?Can you use the conflicts around the world, metaphorically speaking, to accept an authentic critique offered in love? ?Lose any compulsive reactions based on unexamined prejudices and need to be in control at all costs, at all times. ?Now is the only moment you have.

Capricorn, your objective friends and strangers are your best allies, but only if you tell the whole truth. ?Placing yourself in the ‘best light’ does not work when Mars and Pluto join forces, you’ll embarrass yourself. ?Volunteer or brush off that short story you wrote six years ago, but stay out of business that is not yours.

Taurus/Libra/Pisces Sun or Rising folk need to exhibit their passions. ?Complacency demonizes your reputation.

Taurus, taking a risk with someone you trust to invest your money, time or both will prosper in direct proportion to your willingness to listen to unconventional but researched ideas. ?You do not have to know it all, but healthy Scorpio has a direct pipeline to the mysteries how sharing creates more, not holding on (bird in hand versus those birds in the bush, called joint ventures).

Libra, the past nine months have been teaching you how to behave from an independent perspective about each of your relationships. ?However, if you’ve used time focused on where others have not measured up, your advice will be hollow and ignored. ?Scorpio teaches you how to trust your darker impulses and more importantly how not to get lost in them.

Pisces, you are ready for many adventures. ?The last nine months has had you doubting yourself more than usual. ?Scorpio pulls you out of emotional duplicity into an authentic awareness of how to channel your own highest self. ?Mars inspires a quest for consciousness. ?Honesty is not a policy, it is a way of life.

Gemini/Virgo/Sag Sun or Rising folk must continue to look for their own tribe, celebrate their own carnival.

Gemini, you enjoy Scorpio’s depths but intermittently, not consistently. ?Mars in this sign gives you a personal psychic clean up crew,. ?Try something new each day that takes you to your personal edge. ?You can assimilate what it all means as you go along. ?Trust that you’ll know when stop. ?Hint: ?it won’t be an intellectual process.

Virgo, Mars moving through your sibling sign of Scorpio accentuates your often too critical mind, so like tenderness, try a little soul. ?Let your physical appearance reflect what you’re feeling like on the inside. ?Your words have immense power, use them carefully and sparingly. ?Open your heart to that money making venture you’ve been contemplating since the year’s beginning.

Sagittarius, like Aquarius you can nurse some rebellious urges. ?Scorpio rounds out the triad of signs that ‘question authority’. ?You have found the last nine months to be too much about depending on others to get anything done. ?You are ready to cease riding shot gun. ?You’ll drive soon enough. ?Use these Mars in Scorpio days to open yourself up to unseen and behind scenes help.

Cancer/Leo/Aquarius Sun or Rising folk need to beef up their humanitarian aspirations.

Cancer, it is admirable how you think about your own family. ?However you are being pulled to broaden your definition of what family means. ?Mars demands individual action and Scorpio pushes towards psychological knowledge. ?Together this energy helps you determine your strongest self to display. ? Don’t be surprised if you become enamored with a dashing hero or heroine.

Leo, it is time to take a trip through your personal narrative. ?Replay each story in your early life that you did not speak up. ?How would courage have made for a different story? ?Can you become more open about your desires without focusing on what you’ve done for others first? ?You do not need to feel that you must be generous, and then you can be direct and courageous. ?Just be you.

Aquarius, you enjoy the intensity of Mars, and when this warrior blazes through Scorpio you know you’ve hit the motherlode. ?Use this energy to make a pioneering mark in your chosen career or vocation. Watch out for unnecessary arguments over the ‘principle of the matter’ or with threatened authority figures. ?If you need ‘know it all’ then why try to convince those who aren’t listening?

One of the best ways to measure a balanced Mars is through Venus. ?

Imagine that Venus is asking the following questions.?

How much love do you feel in your life?

Where is your joy?

When angered or frustrated, do you reflect from the other’s perspective?

When was the last time you actively listened?

When have you given freely without waiting or wanting to keep score (this includes reaching out through communication)?

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