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New Look For Summer & Gemini Season

When Kansas City & the Heartland attracted me more than a couple of decades ago, I rocked 'locks'. There was a season I corrected almost everyone when they called them 'dreadlocks'. "Aint' nothin' dreadful about them!" I'd cry out. It was as hopeless as a penny facedown with a hole in it (thanks to Dionne Farris' tune 'Hopeless' for that line. I digress, however, we MOCOACA (Men Of Color Of A Certain Age) may, can and will do.

Like 'niggah', 'queer', 'bitch etc.---those within the group get to damn well call a 'thing' what it is---so, while you do not see my locks from decades ago---if you stop, look & listen from your heart's eye---they still be there, fosho!

As I downloaded this picture Prince's 'I Wanna Be Your Lover' stops in for a visit.

Our Souls (there is no 'dead or alive' in this realm) speaks volumes through 'synchronicities' and alleged 'coincidences'.

New look. New Chapter.

Hello the nourishing essence of Gemini! #geminiseason #orm #ourrawmaterial #AstrORM #mocca

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