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New Moons represent beginnings.? Sagittarius brings in our adventurous free spirited side of our lives.? Even the holiday (American Thanksgiving) has a function of illuminating gratitude.? Cannot have joy without being grateful for what we have. This New Moon has the wise strategic warrior Goddess Pallas Athene very nearby.? She was the favorite daughter of Jupiter/Zeus, so her wisdom is seeing the possibilities (That?s so Sagittarian).

Being the last New Moon that Jupiter is in home sign makes this one even more important for how we see possibilities for our future.? Seeing options and recognizing your potentials, this is on our collective menu. Realize that the philosophies we visualize (and preach about) get earthed in Capricorn.? With the loving magnetizer Venus in Capricorn and innovative Uranus in Taurus, our visions must be grounded in reality. Unless you?re carrying the wounds from religion (or other oppressions), the past is not destined to repeat itself.? Traditions can squash your spirit. Adjustments may be necessary. Money may not grow on trees, but our visions are limitless.

Creating a unified relationship between our higher (soul-driven) self and lower (ego-driven) desires is indicated through the Sagittarian New Moon in a supportive aspect to integrated Chiron in Aries.? Each of us is healing our relationship to our individual spirits, how we assert ourselves. Sag energy takes a large and expansive view. Aries wants it yesterday. Knowing what your spiritual priorities and ethics help guide and manage your time.? Overcommitment can be a Sag problem. Capricorn teaches us limits. We need our free spirits and our realistic standards.

It will be important to embody your second sight (aka clairvoyance).? Paying attention to your third eye, seeing the energy behind physical form will aid in this process.? What you believe about yourself is more likely to manifest, particularly with ?you get car/paying it forward? Jupiter moving into pragmatic Capricorn on December 2.? Imagine the stories you?ve been telling yourself for the past 13 months. Have you tended to see what cannot (or worse should not) be done? Whose authority really matters?? Have you allowed your closest relationships to lose their reciprocal qualities? With Juno (Jupiter?s shrewish wife ala patriarchal influences) strongly placed in Libra and squaring the axis of karma, continuing to ignore imbalance in your partnership at your peril. Yes, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.? Make empathy your third party in each relationship and this New Moon can have you ending any compulsions to please. Instead you can find yourself creating new emotional connections with your deepest self, even confronting your shadow (that repressed splintered part of yourself). As such, your aspirational self can be reborn.

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