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Numbers, Stars & Cards: Libra Paying It Forward (PIF) Three

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Numbers---your date of birth.

Stars/Planetary Connections common to All Libra folx:

Venus (love) runs yourSelf.

Mars (action/assertion) makes your relationship.

Saturn (mature legacy building) harbors your soul.

Moon (we are family/subconscious) greets you at work.

Paying It Forward (PIF) combines all three through using powerful Tarot Symbolism.

Let's begin with a new take on these science/arts---

Please read following link for add'l understanding of this new system

Libra Paying It Forward (PIF) Threes (September 30, October 3, 12, 21): As a Libra (PIF) Three, your sun sign attempts to balance the needs of the ego to the soul, but the karmic paths in Numerology and Tarot double down on the virtue of joy. Joy cannot be possessed, it has to be realized as an outgrowth of recognized gratitude. Begin those gratitude lists now! You’ll get your ‘cosmic car’ only after you’ve done so. Through right service to chosen cherished ideals you come to be a person who already had their rapture (shades of Libra PIF Twos). In other not so fundamentally ‘Christian’ words, you live as if you know the secrets of life, how to play just enough to not take any aspect of living too seriously. If you are on the serious side of life, then you have serious play to do!

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become and Paying It Forward (PIF) with

The Empress. If male, you have an innate sensuality that makes you extremely aware of what women need and how they think. If female, you live your life as an embodiment of Mother Earth, hopefully an equal emphasis to the Mother and Earth. I’d argue that Libra PIF threes are energetically non-binary. Like Reeses---there’s peanut butter in your chocolate and vice versa. Your take on our evolution as a species is needed. You know how to focus (serious) and flow (light) in order to make some excellent candy (Reeses). Libra PIF Threes must have creative outlets, it is how you take yourself out of the realm of thought and move into reality, how you get back to life. Once you realize you may appear both 'masculine' or 'feminine' depending on your intent behind your projection, you can relax into some 'fun' social experiments (particularly if you have a name that both men and women share.)

The Devil placating desires for the same of others and appearances. Or you entice others for the sake of your own sagging joyless ego. As you age, you become responsible for what makes you happy, then you begin to communicate directly and honestly. You begin to realize it is not necessary to obtain permission to be you. Society is made up of individuals, you belong too. Relate how it works for you and the other---that is look to all of your closest relationships first. Pay It Forward Threes (no matter what Sun Sign) have a responsibility to keep a heartfelt eye on the deeper third entity, the soul and spirit of the relationship. Are all parties submitting to the purpose of the connection, the gift of it? If not, why not? How can more joy be enacted?

The Hanged One who needs to enter into a relationship to your higher self, guides and ancestors. Imagine that the ‘higher’ self means deeper within the physical body. Your soul demands a responsibility to growth. Because our souls exist outside of time and space, take all the time you need to surrender to its dictates. It’s our egos that become defensive, joyless and dogmatic. As a PIF Libra Three, you search for the right audience--look in the mirror first. That’s why the Buddha said if you meet him on the road, kill him. Embody Buddha. Why is it easy to say we stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors, but not say we embody them? The more you connect to the unseen, the more confidence you have with the seen. It may sound counterintuitive but have you seen a thought? You see the manifestation of thoughts, but not a thought itself. Surrendering to timeless truths that you've personally investigated gives you the strength to leave the unhealthy aspects of your family (and religion) behind.

The Moon searching for opportunities to be a caregiver in your chosen profession. Who cares for the caregiver? Do you allow others to give to you without you demanding it? You live to bring joy and happiness to those who have less of these qualities in their daily lives. Your instincts sometimes flood you with feelings of empathy, sensing our unspoken needs. To make a profession out of nurturing (social work, psychology included) keep you within the bounds of protocol and off the codependent tack. Libra PIF Threes have dreams, visions and imaginations that have to come into the physical plane or you may feel ungrounded. The more you feel like an imposter, the less you’re bringing these unseen energies into the physical world. Spoken or written words rule your emotional waves (hell, any medium of expression is very necessary).

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