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Our Comic Cosmos Pokes Fun With Mars & Athena in Virgo

(an owl on her left shoulder is missing---gave her the truth or alerted Athena to what was being 'hidden')

Neither of these ‘warrior’ planets (well, excuse me Pallas Athene whom I simply call ‘Athena’ is an asteroid) is thought of as ‘fun’. After all, warriors battle, they pick sides.It is rumored that warriors created the booty call aka recreational sex. That’s their idea of fun (LOL). They are usually the last of us to soften into the nuances of relating. Sure, they’ll relate to babies, infirmed and the elderly just so---often being a role model to the rest of us hurried busy folx. However, relating to someone the warrior sees as ‘weaker’ is not relating---it’s protecting. It’s unequal. That’s one reason why warriors (and so-called ‘control freaks’) can simmer with resentments and frustrations because they are rescuing, not relating. Relating requires a peer.

Mars and Athena in Virgo teach us to get out of our conditioned patterns of ‘superior’ or ‘inferior’ or ‘rescuer’ and ‘rescued’. When we begin (and continue) to listen to our souls’ voices (yep, it’s more like a ‘council of elders’ than simply one still small voice), we drop our warrior’s armor. We recognize that there are NO SIDES.

There is only what is learned, how we evolve together. To place another defensively in the category of the ‘wronged one’ or ‘victim’ (hello, strategic Athena people) or to aggressively label someone as your opponent (hello, action oriented Mars people) is to live out of balance…there’s little to no inner equilibrium between being alert to your thinking and feeling. When you’re out of equilibrium, there will be no harmony, but there may be blood--metaphorically speaking.

Virgo is a human archetype on the circle of animals aka ‘the zodiac’. It is complex and rivals Scorpio for being the most misunderstood. This Virgo as the Virgin is not to be equated with ‘no sex’. However, these individuals may be selective asf---like an Ivy league school---many may apply but few will be admitted---but as an adaptable earth sign, you’ll be surprised by their carnal appetites. With Mars (assertive side of sex) in Virgo till August 28) and Venus saddling close to our Earth to go retrograde in improvisational Leo, all bets are off about what or whom Virgo will be entertaining. Athena simply channels that old school joint by Aaliyah ‘Are You That Somebody?’ check out the tune--before you continue, plz

You see, that Virginal Virgo knows their value, their impeccable skill set, usually something they picked up through their previous Leo incarnations. They’ll make you wait, but not too long. Mars as our Designated Warrior ensures that no one unworthy allows Virgo to become a martyr or doormat---Mars wants and thrives on sexy energy and the Comic Cosmos brings the jokes when the victim role is chosen. Mars shouts, ‘Have agency or go home!’ Athena wisely whispers, ‘Observe, calculate and recognize the other’s weakness’.

Where are your sacred energies of wholeness and impeccability meeting the royal road of living on this earthly plane? In other words---how is Virgo demonstrating its exacting standards in your life? Feel free to read your rising and Sun signs for clues. As synchronicity rules, ‘Meet Me On The Moon’ is playing---so your Moon sign can indicate conditioned patterns that this offensive Mars and defensive Athena energy can redirect in efficient ways. For Your Moon Sign inspiration

Whatever you may think, Virgo is NOT perfectionistic. Perfectionism is an ideal and as such belongs to the human air signs of Gemini, Libra & Aquarius.

Virgo--it is all about self-awareness. Innocence returns as do past lovers and friends. Comic Cosmos may have you all hot and bothered (and self-recriminating) about those you’ve placed in the friend zone. Allow Venus to work her transcendental magic from Leo. Consider from whom you just can’t stay away. Who’s occupying the lion’s share (Leo pun intended) of your mental real estate. Can you live in ambiguous states until September 3 (when Venus begins to move again)?

Capricorn--as another earth sign, Virgo brings ethics and morality. Imagine that time cannot be wasted, only your imagination. Magically, the Virgin’s making you wait only makes you more thirsty. They ask that you remove any morals or at least see them as cautionary tales from old (usually white) men that do not apply to whatever you’re cooking up. Combine the two nicknames of your signs---horny goat and repressed virgin. What if you no one is judging your behavior except you? What would you do?

Taurus--when you haven’t been body shamed (and that may be a small percentage), you follow your physical wood into healthy expression. No matter how you see yourself, it is important as your ruler turns around from July 23 - September 3) to honor all your desires as lanterns in a dark tunnel. Mars/Athena in Virgo (the sign that rules your approach to recreation, joy and play) simply symbolizes that you see your life as a football game where offense and defense are utilized in balance. This is the way, you Mandolarian, you. Is your house a home? Or so sings Taurean Luther Vandross Third tune to check out

After we’ve paid attention (earth pun intended), we drop the fascination with physical appearances to tell the truth to ourselves and others with the air signs of Libra, Aquarius & Gemini.

Libra looks back to Virgo and criticizes themselves for all that mental analysis. As the only initiating air sign, to create new forms of relating is their bread and butter. Since last fall, you’ve been the center of attention whenever and wherever you’ve wanted to be. The challenge has been to access when you’ve NOT wanted the spotlight. Yes, yes, you may go crazy for the lovelight---and bottom feed. Like Virgo, it is important to wait and access if you’re coming from need (a mental construct) or a real love straight from your heart. Time gives value to all relationships---even those that sneak in love at first sight. The cosmos makes fools out of all of us (continued in Aquarius).

Aquarius, your big brained lovely, you probably wrote the song---’Why Do Fools Fall In Love?’ You ask yourself why you like the irrational, crazy, lunatics---well, when you allow that large brain that rarely, if ever, turns off to run your life, you attract someone to fill the vacuum. Let Venus retrograde do what She can do best---slow your relationship life down just enough to consider where you’ve cut folx off too quickly and easily. Mars/Athena in another human sign can help with this analysis. Nothing wrong with retracing the steps in your love life--just do it without guilt or shame as your coaches, ok?

Gemini, as another human sign and Mercury ruled, you look at Virgo with side and suspicious eyes. You often ask--’how do they know so much?’ and ‘can they really know that much?’ Yes and yes. Although they do not improvise as much as you do, you’ll be sorry when you underestimate their ability to meet you physically. Yes, in the beginning they may seem too technical--however, with trust comes their freaky side comes out to play. I guarantee it. Takes a heartfelt conversation, private---please allow them to reference their ‘notes’ be they analog or digital.

We’ve paid attention (earth signs) and we’ve told the truth (air signs)---now, we have gather our vision of becoming detached from the outcome. Water element of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer is full of soulful paradox---most deeply feeling and usually better suited when they detach from said feelings---

Scorpio you can know Virgo best. Be that ‘biblical’ or their ‘wing folx’. Wings symbolize messages from birds or angels. At your worst, you and the Virgin can pick the meat off any and all bones---we hurt after you’ve critically analyzed someone or something. The Cosmos will make fun of you through one betrayal after another when you have little compassion for those of us who are not as ‘evolved’. Let Mars/Athena in Virgo flex their heart muscles through forgiving Pisces. Lovers return for a second chance---what happens between you is your business. Again, the Comic Cosmos asks---who’s judging whom?

Pisces as the holistic compliment to the compartmentalizing Virgin, you come to come again like the sun that shines every morning. As you discover and outwardly express (thanks to Mars moving through Virgo) your own wholeness, you relax, soften and support everyone who’s fortunate enough to cross your path. However, if you’re not giving love freely (that means without expectations), then keep it to yourself, okay? You’ll only have feelings for what can be received in that present moment, yes?

Cancer, your sibling and friends with the Virgin…if you have no food shame or insecurity, the kitchen, restaurants and food trucks are magical places. So is shopping, looking for upcycling, resale or trade shows. Mars/Athena in this compatible sign offers you many opportunities for daily adventures--such as taking a different route to work, speaking to every person you meet and expressing your reporter’s curiosity on unsuspecting souls. Remember, we respond to heart, not words---so, check your intentions when you’re getting personal with that beautiful stranger, yes?

Once we release our past attachments, we are off to explore new vistas. The fire signs of Sagittarius, Aries and Leo unleash our spirits to have new adventures. With vision comes our need to show up uniquely with some commonsense.

Sag, you get the whole allusion to dropping the ‘s’ in Cosmic to get the word ‘Comic’. You are almost always ready with a joke. Virgo simply judges your timing. They squint. They pout. They insinuate.They challenge your spirit like no one else. Mars may be outward aggressive in questioning your intentions. Was that comment mean spirited? If so, why would they side eye, put or insinuate? Be like a duck, let their virginal waters flow off of your back. However, file the context of all your statements away. Venus retrograde can have a long memory of sleights and unhealthy innuendo, no matter how humorous or entertaining.

Aries, you realize that showing up is all. You carry the universe’s spirit of taking very little personally if the intent was to ‘roast’ or ‘make light’ of something for the good of all. Just don’t make fun of your appearance, ok? Surely, I jest. No I didn’t call you, Shirley. The line up of Mars with Athena can have playing like the special teams in football, all specialized but not on the playing field as much as either the offense or defense. There’s very little wrong with observing before participating. After all, you’re still in the game. In your relationship space listen to this ditty---waiting until someone's available to suit your taste is advised

Last and certainly rarely least, Leo---all glorious eyes (and hearts) are on you. If you've been living ‘extra’ since Memorial’s Day, let Mars/Athena in your neighboring sign of Virgo to bring a fruitful harvest. If life seems less abundant, then reflect on what you've been planting. No chasing (or asking) after those who are not interested or unavailable. Your heart’s vulnerability is a superpower of yours--use it sparingly. Take a page from selective Virgo, wait until someone of value finds themselves in your orbit. A star attracts, radiates and illuminates. You are a star!

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