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Saturn in Pisces; Pluto in Aquarius---Transforming Our Egos Into Wholeness: Part Two

Part Two of Saturn in Pisces: Pluto in Aquarius has a central theme of

Immovable Object Meets Irresistible Force--Dates of Transformation

  • Aries/Taurus (April 15 through 25 or 25 Aries to 5 Taurus) Resist The Temptation (RTT) to identify with what you own.

  • Cancer/Leo (July 17 to July 27 or Cancer 25 to Leo 5) RTT to identify with your self-expressions or creations of body (children) or mind (could include Internet comments too).

  • Libra/Scorpio (October 18 to October 28 or Libra 25 to Scorpio 5) RTT to identify with your relationships and your shared resources. Maybe a conscious uncoupling is in order (Libran Gwyneth Paltrow influence).

  • Capricorn/Aquarius (January 15 to January 25 or Capricorn 25 to Aquarius 5) RTT to identify with your career, experience and knowledge to see yourself as superior and/or isolated.

Please note these are the cusps of these signs. Precisely why you still need a human to interpret this ancient art (and/or have a consistent meditative/contemplative practice like yoga, AstrORM, Qi Gong or I Ching) to seek those answers within from your soul.

Lords of Death Questions to Contemplate

What would you say to those in your family as you sense yourself transforming, if you knew you’d be ‘coming around again’?

What do you feel about the following statements:: How you consciously uncouple is as important as how you consciously coupled in the beginning?

It’s been said that you cannot choose your family. However, from a reincarnation perspective, your soul did. How about reframing this question to: ‘What have I learned from my family of origin?’

How can I detach from my fear of rejection? How can I face these fears to express my deepest needs for acceptance, love and trust? Should I begin to speak from my soul? Will my conscience express myself or themselves?’

Practical Application of These Lords of Death (LOD) in Aquarius & Pisces

Degrees of Intensity Soul Transformation (Ego to Wholeness)

The paradox of the Immovable Object meeting the Irresistible Force casts the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius as the Immovable Object (set in a concentrated ego form of identification with the body). The less identification with the physical body as the only means to experience life, the more the Irresistible Force acts subtly, possibly kindly. (Pluto plays this role mostly). The more identification with the physical body the more the Irresistible Force acts bluntly (Saturn usually takes us this role with a Resting Pendajo Face a stern gusto---I find that in more than three decades of walking with Saturn that they are a profound fan of stern gusto--active diplomacy, brownnosing adjacent…lol). How these two LOD’s negotiate the role they share in getting us to celebrate what we have and what life has given to us is one of Nature’s mysteries, fosho.

Habits begun in ‘I have’ Taurus can bring ‘I am what I own’. Leo says “I am my will and its expression’. Scorpio becomes fixated upon its emotional bonds ‘I am my deepest relationships’. Aquarius concentrates and becomes an ‘immovable object’ through ‘I am what I know (and can prove). The Irresistible Force, Pluto, represents our soul and its mandate to get our egos fixated on the outside world to look within for transformation and evolution. He will give us 20 years in Aquarius (till 2044) to do this.

No object can resist an irresistible force. No force can move an immovable object. So if an immovable object meets an irresistible force it will move---and not move---hence the paradox. Our souls speak through paradox and synchronicities, these bypass our ego’s attachment to knowing and defending to Wholeness.
An aspect of Wholeness is enacted and embodied through recognition of this universal (and paradoxical) truth.

Pluto will be communicating with the early degrees of each fixed sign. Taurus (April 20), Leo (July 22), Scorpio (October 23) & Aquarius (January 20/21) . He asks ‘regenerate or die?’ Endings include new beginnings. Please note that the only human sign of the Fixed Cross is Aquarius, the Astrological Age we are all entering over the next couple of hundred years. Remember Ages last approximately 2,160 years (we can talk about cusps here from Pisces to Aquarius). The Pisces age of fishes and intercessors to our collective souls to the Aquarius Age where our community and applied knowledge accesses wisdom and common sense. To move from seeing our beliefs in the outer world to living out our shared knowledge and conscious understanding of each individual's worth independent of religious or tribal beliefs is a major transformation Pluto brings…

End of Part Two

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