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When the Goddess of Love apparently goes backwards, She also goes dark into her own underworld. Venus slows down this Wednesday May 13. Saturn, the lord of karma (well, when you’re all about evolution and soulful thriving, every planet has ‘karmic’ lessons) sits still on May 11 at 11.09pm CDT. Then, expansive Jupiter on Thursday May 14.

Full expect more talk about what we value and how we may have been deluding our collective selves around what really matters. You see, when Venus turns about for six weeks (until June 25), She moves from Evening Star (Lover aka agreeable self) to Morning Star (Warrior aka action oriented). Spending four months in Humpty Dumpty Gemini (April 3 through August 7) know this: you’re liable to fall when you stretch the facts a bit too much. There’s a line between emotional truths told for ‘teaching moments’ like KC Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid versus propaganda aka President Cheetos (whose Sun in Gemini is being visited by Venus)…She’ll revisit any amorality by July 29-30 (that’s when She’ll return to 21-22 Gemini). Point: take nothing apart that you cannot put back together. Because we’re talking adaptable Gemini, pausing before you speak (or not speaking at all) is advised right now.

Saturn retrogrades in his home sign of Capricorn. After all, in myth, the Lord of Time, Gravity and Lead, severed his father’s genitalia (Sky God Uranus). It was detached Uranus’s blood that created Aphrodite/Venus and the three Furies when it fell to the ocean. Aloof visions of perfect children (Uranus) cut down by earthy Saturn brought love and fury. These next four and half months imagine we are all on an aboriginal walk about determine what matters. How can be behave more ethically? How can we bring into earthy dimension what and who truly matters? how do we use our time? How do we share our space?

If we can use the playful curious side of a Venus in Gemini, we can get the most out of Jupiter in legacy driven Capricorn. Both Jupiter and Capricorn can lean towards transactional relationships (which they may place under a veneer of ‘purposeful’). With Saturn returning to Capricorn on June 30, you can expect this summer to be one loud and continuous awakening of who’s really loyal and who’s been zoomin’ who. Zoomin’ as in using (gr8 ditty from Aretha Franklin back in the 80’s) who? Been in a relationship with either a Sag or Cap, you have to ask the question. With both of these economic powerhouses in the sign connected to the government and authoritarian daddies, use the next seven weeks to imagine your ideal ethical realities (if only to realize when you’ve strayed). Capricorn has a long memory…

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