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Vivacious Venus Star Day in Gemini

Investigative report Gemini Moon starts September 8, 2020. We are currently in a Morning Star Venus Gemini. With Venus’s mythological lover Mars stationary about to move backwards, you can bet a fat man (oh, my bad, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system is about to move forwards on September 12), that certain children are having major reminiscing vibrations. The reward of ‘pure delight’ goes to Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini. There’s a cosmic line of intensity. The other six signs are not off the hook, hell, their dreams may take on a profound drift that they may feel like they’ve gotten little to no sleep. The statement ‘of two minds’ is Gemini. However, each of these non-binary musings belong to each of the mutable signs. These include Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. ‘Two Spirits’ is one way certain indigenous tribes have described certain tribal members. Boys liking to cook or girls liking to hunt, perhaps? I am musing, perhaps poorly. The duality born in the mutable signs is human. The Twins, The Virgin/Whore, The Centaur, The Fishes (who never leave the collective unconscious to make sure you swim in your karmic pollution or clean waters, eh?) The Lovers is the Tarot that is traditionally associated with Gemini. As the mind learns, expands and contracts, in various degrees and in different environments, its linear nature can dissociate. This is how you can get members of a nation defending, even applauding a 17 year old child carrying a gun to a peaceful protest. Gemini (and by extension our rational minds) must act with the intent of The Lovers. Please, pause, ponder and pursue the power of a lover. Lovers have heart power. Open, vulnerable and imaginative, lovers serve. If you’re about to make a decision (particularly until Spring, 2021 while we have an Evolving & Passionate Morning Venus Star in Gemini), come from your heart or do not come at all (period)

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