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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse & Election Day

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

In this esoteric knowledge we know as ‘Astrology’---like blood, there will be symbols. Symbols ‘be’ all & by extension---Synchronicities be all. Our souls bring this alleged ‘coincidences’ to our ego’s attention to get us to ask questions about the nature of our shared reality. This use of the ‘be’ verb means that it is a consistent transcendence of linear time and space. There is no ‘were’ or ‘will be’, there is a ‘beyond’ or ‘trans-’. My English lesson is over.

Lunar eclipses take us out of our attachment to linear time. At a Full Moon when the Earth blocks/eclipses the light of the Sun, the Moon goes dark. We get to experience our present and future with our pasts being blocked. What would you do if you were not carrying baggage or wounds from your past? How would you operate at full consciousness without the memories and experiences from your past?

Realize that our Moon signs carry our attachments to these experiences usually based upon our unacknowledged assumptions about our early lives. Do you know your Moon sign?

As a nation, we will be torn between security based upon fear and ego (Moon in Taurus) versus love and soul (Sun/Venus/Mercury in Scorpio). If anyone tells you that can 'predict' what will happen, they are not looking at the essence of 'Uranus'. Uranus is the wild card, the Joker, the child in the fable 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. Since his discovery in 1781, this Sky God, has altered our shared values in ways that can only be analyzed after the fact.

Every 84 years, (Uranus cycle around the Sun) again, like blood, there has been war. Uranus is in the same space in the skies before these wars ---Revolutionary, Civil, WWII---what will He continue to bring in terms of class wars, 1%, British monarchy? Individual consciousness determines our future. Who could've predicted the outcome of any of these battles? How can you know yourself, stay centered without blaming others for your life and its circumstances?

This Lunar Eclipse occurs in security driven signs of Taurus & Scorpio. Earthy Taurus will resist looking inside to metaphysics, psychology or bonding beyond what their five senses tell them--as long as they feel fulfilled on the physical level. I believe ‘hangry’ was created for these marvelously attuned beings. A little bling goes a long way too! Scorpio sits 180 degrees away from these physical attachments, instead this arachnid seeks security within, often studying the ‘why’ behind human behavior and wanting more. We need both. Allowing our physical bodies to be enjoyed while recognizing how much more we enjoy life through creating healthy relationships.

Commitment to our healthy sensuality and passion, setting boundaries through communicated boundaries (possibly a ‘safe’ word or two) represents some of the best that Taurus/Scorpio has to offer. With reforming Uranus in Taurus sitting on our collective evolution (North Node of the Moon) & Moon in Taurus, let your Jimi Hendrix ‘freak flag fly’. Saturn will insure that your reputation will not tank because of impulse given an open hearted (Sun/Venus/Mercury in Scorpio) motivation. Balanced Scorpios (yes, that’s a thing) are often extremely aware of where the relationship with others has consistently been primed for evolution. Unlike Taurus, Scorpio has to ‘go out on a limb’ to get the fruit a la Taurus Shirley MacClaine. Ms. MacClaine transformed the conversation about past lives and metaphysics in the 1980’s. Using her celebrity (hello, Taurus) to open up a collective story about where we’ve been before (and after birth). When Taurus is secure about its values and priorities, it can take the ‘hit’ from skeptics with aplomb and grace.

Mars spends this Lunar Eclipse retracing his steps in Gemini in an adjusting aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Our childlike, curious mind has a parlay with elders. Imagine your life from a ‘second childhood’ perspective. What patterns of so-called ‘responsible’ behavior no longer fit the story of your life? Realize that with ‘guide of souls’ Mercury in Scorpio, it is possible to see the advantages of both your youth and age. Yes, we have a youth obsessed culture, however, Mercury in Scorpio & Pluto in Capricorn ask the question--how old do you feel? Let the Leo empty space (Taurus/Moon & Uranus, Scorpio/Sun, Venus & Mercury with Aquarius/Saturn) fill our hearts with joy, specifically the joy of living in the present moment.

Resist the temptation to judge our warrior/desire/lust energy Mars being in retrograde. Know this: a retrograde energy offers that planetary energy to reevaluate, redo, reignite itself. Mars retro definitively says---the battle is within. Venus in Mars ruled Scorpio gives the foundational and psychological support to know what (or who) is worth fighting for. The suffragists had a disproportionate amount of Mars in retrograde. To die for an ideal (or to leave an abusive relationship) can be realized during this 10 week cycle (October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023). Helping our idealistic visions is Visionary Neptune and Gregarious Jupiter in Pisces. These two big hearted energies soften the edges of Mars. They can bleed off the potential toxicity of a Mars in Gemini. Left to his own devices, I cannot overemphasize Mars’ adolescent ‘smart ass’ behavior---or his ability to rationalize, compartmentalize and lie (particularly by omission) with incredible ease. One first lie is a refusal to admit to any anger (so the lie is usually within). Lack of admission to anger often means that you’re being dishonest about your expectations you’ve placed on others and yourself. Sigh.

Live the fine (and often invisible) line between resignation and acceptance. Know your own values & priorities to give space for other folx's values & priorities. Follow this link for practical exercises during this eclipse season.


  • Know how you want to be touched.

  • Communicate your needs to be nourished--emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • Stay present moment focused.

  • Imagine a world without needing to forgive anyone.

  • End self-blame and guilt or shame.

  • Allow unifying Neptune in boundaryless Pisces to give you hope in your closest relationships

Send your birth data in the comment section or DM @quantracycherry on Instagram for a personal audio recording on how this Lunar Eclipse (won’t be a Total Eclipse until 2025) affects you!

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Hello! June 14, 1960 1130 cst. What will it bring to me?

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Plz send city of birth too & text me at 8169310010 as it will be an audio recording, not written. Donations for the first one accepted thru Venmo. Have u subscribed 2 my IG @quantracycherry & YouTube quantracycherry?


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Thxs text me at 8169310010 as it will be an audio recording, not written. Donations for the first one accepted thru Venmo. Have u subscribed 2 my IG @quantracycherry & YouTube quantracycherry?

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