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End Toxic Masculinity Now--Scorpio New Moon November 4 2021

In olden days of the last century, any planet in front of the Sun was called a ‘career’ planet. I want to think even older than that---the Sun is the King/Sovereign and all of what that means in your heart and mind. In those times before our wounded and imperfect American experiment, only nobles and aristocrats had ‘individual’ rights to determine their ‘destinies’. Kinds were announced, so I’ve chosen to see the planets before the Sun (and in this case the Moon, because they are conjoined, the meaning of a New Moon) as announcing the King & Queen. The planets are Mars and Mercury. So what does this mean?

Warrior Mars can be the epitome of toxic masculinity. Buying into the illusion of separateness, competition, ego emotion and victim/bully, these are rooted in Mars’ energy. He is everyone's ‘terrible twos’---our dicks no matter what our biological sex, gender or orientation may be. How we identity (particularly in gender defining Scorpio) is not about going through changes, it’s about how we transform. How do we all ‘get beyond’ or transcend our ego attachments. We learn ourselves deeply, confront our shadows and refuse to think we have any say in how others 'should' live their lives. Mars, like lead singer Mavis Staples of The Staples Singers---will take you there. There is 'living your passions from moment to moment'. Picture 'do what thou will & harm none' on a Tiktok 'live and let live' Buddha. Now, you're getting to seeing how what can be a welcomed surrender of ego into a pure consciousness of love and soulful intimacy.

Life penetrates us through shocks. When we cease evolving, become stuck and stagnant, Mars reminds of what’s missing. After all, Scorpio’s keyphrase is ‘I desire’. To desire means that you are feeling an ego lack, something missing, be that from your bank account, lack of physical touch or affection, you feel as if you needs something from the outside. Scorpio is concentrated water. It’s feelings that have to be managed, assessed or at the very least acknowledged within yourself and soul. This New Moon has Warrior ‘let’s get something started’ Mars leading our deeper and profound urges to connect.

Helping these potential uses of power to connect and create deeper harmonies is Mercury finishing up his 10 week sojourn into Libra. He has finally begun to cover new ground after his retrograde cycle from September 27 through October 18, 2021. He’ll pick up speed as his goes into the psychological underworld aka Psalm 23 ‘valley of shadow of death’ of Scorpio on November 5. Realize that the God of communication could travel in the upper world with the gods, middle world with us humans and our four legged family members and the underworld without having to make sacrifices. Our use of our mind is best served when the heart is involved in creating unity and interrelationships of all kinds. Enter Venus---stage left.

Imagine the Goddess of Love, Joy and Equilibrium (Venus) acts as a bridge between brutish (and cruel) Mars and Clever and Deceptive Mercury. Words have power to deceive (ask any lawyer). Venus will also switch signs on Friday, November 5, from Sagittarius to Capricorn. She will be in grounded, legacy building Capricorn until early March, 2022. Our capacity to recognize and communicate from a place of profound integrity has rarely been so important. Even ‘to wear a mask or not to wear a mask’ can take on Hamlet like proportions, especially when but not limited to, the reasons that our minds create to explain what we do (or don’t).

Capricorn is a sign for Grown-Ass Folx (GAF). GAFs know and live the difference between responsibility and accountability. Responsible for following your inner truth, act from integrity---at times known as ‘doing the right thing’. Whereas, you’re accountable when you’ve not listened to your inner truth and/or you’ve broken promises/commitments. No blame- just awareness of how to become mature and responsible is what Venus in Capricorn asks.

Venus as our hearts symbolizes the blood in our veins that returns to our hearts. In this analogy, Mars would be the blood leaving our hearts---our arteries in search of adventure and exploration. Mars without Venus can leave us with a bloated sense of self-important---not penetrating or impacting others in a wholesome and pleasant way (hello, bully/victim). Until December 13, 2021, Mars’ power to transform where we’re blocked, attached and demanding will be center stage. He is powerfully driven in his traditional home sign of Scorpio. It is important that you at least admit to your deepest desires and resentments.

Allow this New Moon to soften your ego’s edges. Luxuriate in the Neptune waters of compassion, hope and universal love. Bet upon the broader picture given to you when you act from forgiveness first. Leave those warrior and competitive energies behind. Worrying and wanting takes you out of the present moment. Focus upon what you have (shades of earthy Taurus---Scorpio’s complementary energy of security). Create a list of what you share with your closest others. Give freely along with a silent expectation (is there any other kind emanating from Scorpio?) of whether you receive from whom you’ve given does not matter.

All is being recorded through the Akashic records. It does come back to you. Hence the death (transformation) of the ego’s attachments to monitoring what it had done or what had been done to it. We have four month to evolve into the GAFs we were born to be, thanks to appreciative giving and receiving Venus in Capricorn---this New Moon is like a trailer to our cosmic movie of how we can grow up and together---bathed in loving Piscean waters of turning over our wounds to those higher beings and deeper relationships in which we trust.

Continue to make a wish on Evening Star Venus at each sunset (whether there are clouds or not). This Evening Star energy offers each of us to know deeply inside what our warrior's passions are. We are on a battlefield of ego and soul. Allow Mars to heed the call of Venus---relax, relate and surrender. It is a pathway to joy, love and peace...

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