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Some of fear around eclipses stems from our astrological history Our foreparents did not know the astronomy.? From our perspective on Earth a Full Moon looks as large as the Sun. A Solar Eclipse occurs at a New Moon (which is dark).

When our clarity is blocked, we are called upon to reflect. We are taught to fear the darkness.? We use negative words to express darkness ?black sheep?, ?blackballed?, etc. The Moon gets to come into our consciousness without the aid of the Sun. Memories can haunt us.

With this happening in the traditional leaning earth sign of Capricorn, outmoded ideals need to be tested. For the last decade (since transformative Pluto has been in Capricorn) each institution is being realigned to its fundamental purpose.

Eclipses return every 19 years.? Where were you in 2000 and 2001?

‘Each one, teach one’…that’s a Cap motto, for sure!

The elusive ‘self-made’ person is delusional under a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Realize you can run a certain game on yourself, yet eclipses won’t let you hide.

So, whatcha afraid of?

How has False Expectations Are Real (FEAR) been a foundation of your life?

Capricorn: 12 years ago you began a new cycle of self development, you took a risk. How’d it pay off? Do your regular assessment of that place where caution turns into paralysis (usually under the veneer of realism) then into fear. Let this Solar Eclipse free your from your past through confronting it.

Aquarius: ‘I know’ is your keyphrase. Capricorn Eclipses can have you doubting your knowledge. Helping you is your soulful ruler (Uranus) who’s set to move on January 11, 2020. The God of Chaos has a supporting angle to this Eclipse from grounded Taurus to ambitious Cap. So, know this…get over what ya need to get over and move the eff on. Joy is a virtue that looks so gr8 on you.

Pisces: Hopes, wishes, and dreams, exactly which beliefs allow you to see utopian futures? Who smashed your visions before you got a chance to fully feel them? Relax, release and forgive. Clutch, but no casting, your pearls. Swine (and deplorables) gon exist…no matter how old your soul is. Simply be discerning who gets your absolute love.

Aries: FEAR. I cannot be who I really I am. I have no agency. You cannot (and will not) tell me what to do. 2019 ends with a decade of where’s the authority? It exists inside. Know what others responses may be, but don’t get loss there. Your life is not a Gallup poll. You do poll in direct proportion to your insecurities. When you have swagger, you pioneer our collective growth ala Lewis, Clark & Sagacawea!

Taurus: You and Capricorn are ‘thick as thieves’. You pay attention to the financial bottom line, and when in luck, you’ll have others spend their money on you (shades of your opposing sign of Scorpio). Your need for adventure is less familiar to the rest of us, but you hide your deepest desires from those who you think would judge. This eclipse brings a past habit to your consciousness…who knows maybe your New Year’s resolutions will stick?

Gemini: Your eternal child meets with grown ass Capricorn. Your twin self an unlimited mind can make room for both. It is a dwarves’ sensibility aka ‘whistling while you work’. 2020 will have confronting your darkness. Don’t get lost in the abyss. Recognize your powerful mind serves. Know when you need a distraction (or two). Above all, give the love you want to receive without expectation.

Cancer: WTF? Maybe you learn something everyday,maybe you don’t? Giving less than a fuck differs from not giving a fuck. If anyone can modulate their feelings, it’s you & the time is now. Let folx have their opinions, but resist taking them to heart. You deserve to be living in the neighborhood of happy, if not fully happy. Choose those who nurture you and let the rest go.

Leo: Daddy signs, you and ol’ goat Cap, so when there’s a Solar Eclipse, you are learning to live the difference of humility and humiliation. When you consciously serve from your large heart, you shine with the light of a thousand suns. This Eclipse demands you know when to give and when to withhold. There may be some pain involved. This plan is called ‘growing pains’. As I’m fond of saying, ‘no one dies from hurt feelings, rolx die from the behaviors caused by resentment’.

Virgo: Lovely conscientious you. You take the showy fire of the preceding sign of Leo and hine it. Much like the blacksmiths and alchemists you have the skill of precision. This Solar Eclipse wants you to recall how you can have fun. Exactly which activities as a child did you lose track of time? Bring them into the present. You have the best aspects to make the world bend to your subtle will. Use it.

Libra: This time of year, even without an eclipse, can challenge your extroverted side. Break with a routine (or two), before you begin to think you’re broken. Make those challenging choices. Stand up for them too! Venus in Aquarius allows you to be aware of peer pressure and proper society while simultaneously holding your middle finger in reserve. By mid-January you’ll need that finger.

Scorpio: You enjoy testing others. You want to see how far folx will go. This Solar Eclipse falls in your third house of fact gathering. You will find yourself looking at what you think you know versus what you feel you know. As a concentrated water sign, focus on the feelings. You can act braver than you feel. Just know when you’re overdoing it.

Sagittarius: Your ruler, Jupiter, is in your sign. New expansive beginnings, be they philosophical or physical, as in your waistline. See the possibilities, throw the dice. You have the cosmic making of bringing a vision into tangible reality. It’s one thing to say ‘I want to go to Mars’ it is another to say, ‘I want to go to Mars tomorrow’. As with all things Capricorn, time is your friend, especially when you don’t multitask.

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