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Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius ♐️--Love Is the Thing, ya know

How do you dress up your ego? What kind of costume does your ego wear? Do you feel like you're swimming in a number of potential identities? Welcome to the effects of Neptune and yesterday's Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius.

Adaptable and transcendent fire sign of late fall, these blunt folx are known as thespians, actors and professors. Sag can sell sand to a desert person. Keyphrase is 'I see'. With visionary Neptune all in the mix--tend to your visions as if you were double boiling your favorite dessert for your family.


Still feeling this Full Moon? Remember they last at least two days after the event. From our subconscious roots a Full Moon is visually as large as the Sun. The Divine Feminine energy of sacrifice, service and surrender moves through our souls. Conscious sacrifices emanate when our souls and egos seek equilibrium.

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