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Oh, the sign of the twins, what lore do these two have. ?It’s magical. ?From Zeus and Leda to African tribes in Nigeria (where there are statistically more twins born naturally than most countries) back to our understanding of the earth mirroring the heaven. ?What the eff ever. ?A bit adolescent, I’ll stipulate. ?However, This Week in VSP (Venus Star Point for the uninitiated) will combine multiple streams of gnosis (knowledge). ?I pay my respects to the Gemini season.

The Gemini Season brings lots of light. ?If you have not determined what and whom you hold most dear, this season will give you lots of mid term exams that your soul may fail to integrate on its road to evolution. ?Know that evolution and your soul are like air and lungs. ?They co-exist. ?Typically in babies born prematurely, lungs are a central focus. ?On a soul level, whenever you sacrifice your ego too soon before its concrete development, you can have ego inflation and/or you become a ‘guru slut’. ?A guru slut looks outside himself for what would come from within.

The tarot cards for Gemini are The Lovers, The Magician and the Eight, Nine, Ten of Swords. ?The Minor Arcana typically demonstrate the most violent images found in the Royal Road aka The Tarot. ?These symbols seem destructive to show how the mind, when left unchecked by spirit and soul, conjures up any manner of things that are amoral. ?A shadow of Gemini is an unwillingness to go to a mental land or turn of mind that chooses to consider morality. ?Maybe that’s why some of the best lawyers have strong Gemini, Virgo or Mercury in their wheels of karma.

(For the interest of full disclosure, I choose to be born with Mercury at the 15th degree of Libra virtually only talking to Pallas Athene at the 17th degree of Cancer). ?Mercury can be a pure observer and in Libra this trait is accentuated. ?For s#8ts and grins, it is at the middle degree of the sign in the middle of the zodiac! ?No wonder my partner’s first nickname for me was ‘Mr. Diplomat’. ? However, I prefer ‘Peacemaker’. ?After all, what’s the point of seeing all perspectives (Libra), if this cannot be used to help each person understand another? ?This attorney rests his case.

The Venus Star Verse (VSV) for this Gemini Season is Abyss over Mountain or #39 Obstruction. Think Democratic President and the Republican party. ?In your interpersonal life it may be beyond time to concede where you’ve effed up. ?One interpretation of this VSV states that when water meets an obstacle, it pauses to gain in volume, so it may go around it. ?How can you take the time to consider multiple perspectives so you can increase in empathetic and soulful understanding? ?When there is stubbornness found in others, consider what changes are they afraid of making, and then speak. ?Mercury has already enters in his shadow to go retrograde on June 7. ?What you confront negatively now, you’ll see again in July (or it won’t be resolved until then). ?VSV #39 would also indicate the boundaries needed on growth that happens too quickly and/or unassimilated evolution. ?Take your time, you have more of it than you realize.

We speak a lot in this young country about our rights. ?But what about our responsibilities to each other, the planet and our self-improvement? ?In this Gemini season, there’s talk, but action wins the day.


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