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Valerie--AstrORM Resources/Capricorn & Wholeness/Pisces

Valerie lyrics

SometimesI go out by myself/and i look across the water/and I think about all the things what you're doing/and in my head I paint a picture

Let's celebrate being alone…how Capricorn ♑️ is that? If Cap has consciously integrated the lessons of Scorpio ♏️ and Sagittarius ♐️, then let's celebrate!

We can go out look across the water (collective feeling of fear and love). Contemplate what others we love, yearn for or miss AND paint pictures in our head.

The challenge? What to do with expectations our hearts pictures create--when we see ourselves as a Resource (AstrORM/Capricorn) we have to learn about how to detach from our mind's propensity to create expectations. This does not mean we suppress our feelings. This means we stay focused upon the present moment. Let's face it--expectations take us to potential futures usually to correct past disappointments. 😕 Sigh, u feel me?

Unfulfilled head pictures aka thoughts mixed with feelings can lead to bitterness and resentment. Resentments source themselves in withdrawal and ‘blocking our blessings’. We refuse to detach to study or examine the potential lessons in disappointments. We lose our Wholeness. In this instance, we separate from the unity of all events and experiences found in Wholeness. We drop in singularity aka Maya--belief in the illusion that we are separate beings only.

Our egos luxuriate in this thinking, these head pictures. We look across the water of fears and we drown. However, when the Conflicts are seen as individual lessons on our pathway of growth--internal and ours to examine and embrace. We flourish. We attract our ‘Valerie’. Ginger hair and bringing drugs circumventing the law (suggest you listen to the whole song).

We incorporate Sagittarius ♐️ and Intention (AstrORM) into our consciousness. We awaken. Like bears 🐻 in the spring--our hibernation is over!

Download this Mercury retrograde (till New Years Day). Reexamine the source of your expectations. Reset your intentions. Set New Year Resolutions that you actually can keep. Write an analog list. Look back to the resolutions you kept & for how long.

We live combining What's Going On? And What's Up by the 4 Non-Blondes becomes a major theme song in our life's celebratory soundtrack. Our Resource is joy sourced in grief. Our Wholeness is non-judgemental--accepting of all life brings to us!

Happy Venus Friday ✨️ 😃 💖 💓

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