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Gemini the Twins. Yang. Mutable. Air. ?Flirty. Yang or masculine energy looks outside to see its effects. Mutable seeks the relativity of all possibilities through the mind. ?Air element represents the mental or intellectual plane of existence. No wonder those with Gemini prominent in their astrological charts cannot sleep.

Venus, Love Goddess who slept with mortals and gods alike, loves Gemini. ?After the warrior rough and tumble of Aries and the sensuous and possessive Taurus, She is ready to investigate her environment. ?Curiosity doesn?t kill any cat that Venus protects. To speak is to flirt for Gemini energies. The Queen of Heaven at her most magnetic, luscious tones emanate and bright colors enjoyed. ?Until May 19, we have permission to look, question and maybe touch (if your good twin has followed the rules). Once rules established and safe words are agreed upon, you may call upon the bad twin.

Gemini as a pattern of energy is amoral. ?To think, they are. Thoughts are things. Thought in of itself means a lot, but it is invisible until there is action.

A bird?s eye view of Gemini can be found in the Humpty Dumpty story.

Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall (you can gather too much information that it confused your gut or intuition). ?There is a greed for info where the Twins are concerned. There is a trickster quality that can shift facts at the drop of a hat. ?Lying by omission can be really, really easy for some children of Mercury (that includes Virgo).

Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall (misrepresenting, forgetting or covering up the story).

All the king?s horses (divine or special power not being utilized, this brings up the unused Sagittarius polarity, the ability to find the wisdom, moral or theme of the information).

And all the king?s men (ego?s desire to compartmentalize, rationalize or deceive typically for a ?higher? reason, these are the ?king?s men?, after all.

Couldn?t put Humpty-Dumpty back together again…Sagittarius carries the shadow of Gemini. ?The twins can become attached to linear thought, the left hemisphere runs them. ?Rational thought separates, categorizes and classifies. When on a wall (fence-sitting indecisiveness), we need our intuitive vision that sees the whole picture. ?Gemini and linear mind tend toward immediacy and expediency (ends justifying the means toxicity), while the intuitive recognizes and acknowledges the interconnectedness of all beings.

Bottom line: do not take anything or anyone apart that you cannot put back together again.

You broke it, you buy it?(even though this is not legal for stores to do this, just sayin?.)

Venus Star Note:

Those affinity of doers in Chinese Astrology (Rats, Dragons & Monkeys) have Venus either aiding their pursuits of their personal passions or these individuals gather info for practical career and health needs.


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