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Until September 19, we have the Goddess of Love moving through the noble sign of Leo. Heartfelt, unique actions, this is THEE time to count the ways of loving, find those daisy petals, treat your lover as you want to be treated. ?Add an extra date night. ?Hell, call it something else, some pet name to how you reconnect.

Realize that this waxing moon into Full has Venus aligned with her Morning Star in Aries that begun on March 25. ?Every warrior must balance themselves with a lover, like Aries does NOT fully know theirself unless Libra observes, watches and reflects how Aries lands.

The combined spirit of Aries and Leo represents our child in the moment, seeing through masks as expertly as the child in the fable ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. ?What pretenses you have must be dropped. ?Period. ?Next. ?End. Of. Chapter. ?Whatever you’ve been ‘devil in the details’ & ‘dancing in pale moon lights’ must be confronted, transformed. ?Period. Next. End. Of. Chapter.

No guilt. ?No shame. ?Just unabashed expression from the heart. ?Venus in Leo (& Mercury retro conjunct the Sun) categorically suggests bringing your authentic and vulnerable self into the realm of communication. ?No down low (dl), no where. ?Be-cause, down low behavior creates more problems.

August as a month of the Lunar (Aug 7) and Solar (Aug 21) Eclipses, it has become even MORE important that your heart leads your brain. ?Our hearts are what will move us to transcend the pain. ?Hurt from constructed and unexamined wounds. ?Privilege, like membership, has its advantages. ?Blindness and fragility.

Venus moves through the heart of Leo, (and in her warrior phase in Aries until January 8, 2018), alerts us to the pitfalls of love while encouraging us to take the risk. ?Ask and admit when you do not know. ?Your intent behind your questioning is transparent. ?Literal and symbolic nakedness awaits as you allow your whole heart to show (particularly when you’ve confronted the shadow of futility).

Hello, my liege, may I top off your libation? How can upstairs and downstairs become simply ‘the stairs’?


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