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Void Moon in Gemini Wed 11.1.23

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Today around 830a we had a Void Moon 🌙 in Gemini. The Moon is 'void' when She is not communicating with other planets. It can last minutes to more than a day. Imagine our daily instincts channeled from out 'gut-brain' is 'out to lunch'.

Our Sun is in suspicious Scorpio and Gemini Moon nourish a questioning intellect like a reporter or lawyer. These masculine energies of psychological Scorpio combined with the feminine wordsmith of a Gemini Moon can create oodles of doubt.

Know that the Lunar Eclipse of last Saturday continues to influence our karma. With the South Node in Libra ♎️ an overarching energy of our shadow is a need to assess what others need--we seek to please them at the expense of our relationship. Resentments can easily ensue. However, if we use our doubts to healthily inquire onto our emotional patterns, then this 'temporary' disruption of the Void Moon can provide fertile ground in acting in the moment. We are the cause agent in our lives. We are our own heroes and heroines, victims to no one.

The Moon returns home to Cancer ♋️ at 430pm CDT. Imagine traveling for almost four weeks--home would feel really good. Allow yourself to relax, replenish and restore your soul ✨️. You can take action on these intuitive insights when the Queen of Heavens offers a green light once She blazes through Leo ♌️ (Saturday 11.4 at 2.21am CDT- Monday 11.6 1.39p CST).

Rest now. Nothing wrong with flowing with your environment.

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