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Void Moon in Leo ♌️ on 11.6.23 until 1.39pm CST. Where Modesty Rules from Virgo...

Void Moons are exceptionally important for being and reflecting on the hours when She was actively communicating with other planets. Leo shoes itself best through action. I imagine they were a sign that their tribe created the axiom 'actions speak louder than words'! The other fire 🔥 signs (Aries ♈️ & Sagittarius ♐️) want 2 act, for sure!

Sigh, in our smartphone loving & ending of the patriarchal dominant era, we want, no need--distraction. Our thirsty egos will not tolerate ambiguity or inaction--even if it's grabbing our phones instead of pausing, breathing and contemplating 🤔 where we are. Void Moons 🌘 are a heavenly aid to remind us to go inside where our inherent wisdom is located.

Today's contemplation--"easy is right especially when you've contemplated your inner needs & those of the relationship & situations in which you've chosen profound involvement (personally &/or professionally.)"

The Queen of the Heavens aka 🙌🏾 the Moon will shift into humility inducing Virgo ♍️ at 1.39p CST on 11.6.23. Contemplate your chosen service and acts of loving kindness. She'll be highlighting our modest instincts until 2.08am CST Wednesday November 9th.

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