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Watery Energy Wednesday 6.28.23

You've been given two cups. You walk to your favorite river. There's a thirsty person at its bank. Do you share one of them?

Your mind thinks, it's hot. Your heart observes the labored breathing of this stranger.

In #cancerseason unless one of your children needs that second cup, you're likely to share.

The Sun radiates and warms this initiating water sign. The Moon is reflexes its supportive muscles through thorough and insightful Scorpio ♏️. Our researcher Mercury slips and slides in Cancer, piercing the veil behind those family wounds. Set your intentions on healing.

Mercury, in his role as scout, susses out where your hidden treasure lies--within giving up self doubt for self-compassion. He will be performing these divine healing tasks in Cancer until 7.11.

Let lovers Venus & Mars continue to heat up your heart's passions in Leo. Ideals in love create oodles of expectations---so stay present moment focused, ok?

Sun aligns with a retrograde Saturn--check your 'imposter syndrome' at your ego's doorway. Only the most rigid of folx judge you when you keep showing up. Get out of your head--drop into and speak from your heart ❤️ 💙 💚

There's no need to validate your perspective--but you may verify it.

I feel there's a third cup being given--it comes from a hand of gratitude.

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