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If text messages and the Internet doesn’t symbolize this in your mind, then the Coronavirus could. These forms of instant communication represent our mental interconnectedness, what metaphysicians called ‘the universal mind’.

These last degrees of Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn begins a nine month cycle of our practical realization of limitations and necessity. We are being called to mature and to truly conserve…our time, resources and our responses to others. Use these last days of winter to assess what matters in your life. A bit of self reflection, like a spoonful of sugar, can make the medicine go down.

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon (where you name movies in which he appeared to show we have six degrees from every other human) is very real. Use today’s Libra Moon (and the rest of the week) to download influence from your highest self based on love and compassion.

Under a current Full Virgo Moon ‘what’s done to the least of us’ is done to all. Selective connecting (Virgo) is balanced against the oneness of Pisces.

With revolutionary and inclusive Uranus in value oriented Taurus (read: capitalist when privileged), expect that ‘rich man entering the kingdom and eye of the needle’ as a shift in how our country moves forward. Life happens. Stuff be changing?

Saturn (government) in Aquarius begins on March 21. Karmic lord of death (remember he predated and fathered Pluto), Saturn will be begin to reap…was the movie Mars Attacks a precursor?

Senator etymology is ‘senex’ which means ‘old man’. Remind me…who is most vulnerable to this virus?

Chickens, roost and you can’t go home again.

Look to the ten days between March 9 to 21 as Saturn flanks Capricorn and Aquarius. These are our ‘last days’. If it is not ‘all for one & one for all’ then there will be no regeneration, so the other lord of death Pluto categorically says: ‘some will die’.

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