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What's Family? Fairy Tales & Pragmatism

In the so-called 'real world', we easily stop believing in miracles. We cease smelling the roses, as it were. If we've been paying attention since this month's beginning, our own nature has placed precisely what we expect in front of our paths.

Just as we are to concentrate on peace within and without, we are learning to speak definitively about what we want to co-create with our souls, God and the Tao. Pisces season and sources its strength in Wholeness (Week 12 & the 12th sign). Numerology states that 12 represents organizational completeness. We have all 12 PIllars of Our Raw Material and the 12 Astrological signs within us. These large energies demonstrate how power uses us to enlighten and enliven ourselves and those closest to us.

Allow these next two days building up to a early morning Friday Full Moon to separate our our egos' desire to blame or find fault within ourselves and others.

If it's interpersonal listen to music that reflects your mood--center upon those lyrics that inspire you. What makes a pretty world for you?

Bossa Nova soothes my dark chocolate soul.

And, this one tune aids me in accepting where we are as while species.

The former version was covered within a year of John Lennon's death.

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