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YES & AND: Venus in Taurus, Sun in Gemini & Moon in Libra for 53 hours

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Improvise & celebrate love in all its forms. Venus, as the premier Goddess of Love, runs the heart in all its glory.

From Wednesday 6.8 at 10.23am to Friday 6.10 at 3.41pm CDT, Her loveliness will be in her home sign of Taurus--along with the yin creator of all forms, the Moon in Libra.

Improvisational skills rule. Simply say 'yes' and 'and'. Our consciousness (Sun) luxuriates in mentally adaptable Gemini. Saying what you want from another is ideal. Admit to yourself what you desire. Allow your mind to float upon the soft breezes of bringing your ego and soul together in a band of joy--creating harmonic spheres of love.

Sounds too good to be true? What goes up, must come down, or so our dualistic seeking egos say, yes? However, when you live a bit from your soul, you begin to consciously look for what you have from a loving view, not what you're missing. The Taurus side of Venus takes inventory much like 'the bird in the hand'.

Gemini egos question whether the grass is really greener on any and all side of those other sides, but may choose to hold onto what they have. (I use 'they' purposely. As the dual signs--Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces--transcend male & female gender roles, our minds construct these gender designations.)

Venus and Gemini offer choices from our hearts how to assess when assert ourselves and when to wait--or do them both simultaneously!


Living from an integrated and wholistic perspective is not to good to be true--as long as you balance these 'yes/and' Venusian energies with Mars/Jupiter 'whooping it up' in warrior Aries. These two planets are exerting their masculine/yang posturing. Resist the temptation to make grand and instaneous judgements. Allow Venus to guide your relationship ideals. Search for new beginnings in all of your partnerships.

Over these next 53 hours:

  1. Look in your fairest mirror.

  2. Awake to your favorite fairy tale.

  3. Dispel any and all wicked witches, toxic men, women and non-binary folx.

  4. Be your own frog & princess--Gemini states end that victimized stance.

  5. Speak and stand in your power of accepting yourself warts and all!

  6. Say & live 'yes & and'!

  7. Whole hearted commitments only.

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