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Alignment: Feeling Intent: Lunar Eclipse in Retrospect

Sounds like a mouthful. Or is your mind overblown? Needing something to slow those thoughts down, eh? Let’s dance. Neptune, our shared mystic, sits prettily in a challenging connection to the Nodal Axis of the Moon (imagine all your mother’s ancestors following you like an Invisible Entourage). These spirits have learned to cease throwing stones. You are NOT a sinner. You are a budding enlightened soul of this Aquarian Age. Let’s all leave ‘I Believe…’ to live whatcha know. Yep, this concentrated air sign has all the makings of recipes shared and enjoyed. No more good girl/bad girl. Sure, we’ll have Black or White (cough, cough Supremacy) until those who need to know learn a more honest investigation and appraisal of history. This Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is a study in the resurrection of Pinocchio. Sagittarius is half human and horse, while Gemini represents the Twins. What makes us human on this circle of animals aka ‘the zodiac’. How can we stop slut shaming ‘good girl’ and leave our internal biases behind….be they through color, race, gender…la-dee-da. We ain’t proven that we’re better than this. All children belong to our village. Yet, if you’re still in the ‘no taxation without representation’ meme that has been transmuted into ‘I’m paying for their schooling, health care, etc’., then this Lunar Eclipse will bring shadows, literally and figurally. While death is assured, quality of life is not. Neptune in Pisces breaks downs egocentric barriers to love. Oh, let’s elevate love. Not talking below the belt. Speaking heart language. In our current state this eclipse blocks how your tribal pasts have not served you. It is eclipsed aka blocked. There is at least one larger purpose available to you. To live from a larger visionary purpose. The more individual the purpose, the more universal you can be. Lunar eclipses offer every soul a grander blueprint of knowing ‘why this life?’ and ‘how to make it work for everyone with whom you contact?’. There is an ageless process to our souls. Rough roads (hello, ‘Rona, #BLM) bring all of us opportunities to grow beyond our own narrow viewpoints. Oh, our souls have all the time in the world. Our souls work with intention. Intention begats magic. Intention is a foundation of co-creating our reality. As we watch the penumbra of this Eclipse we get to repeat what we want from an inspired reasonable perspective, leaving behind what we don’t want. Mercury at 28 Scorpio illuminates the 4th dimension through the Sabian Symbol that states ‘the King of the Fairies approaches his domain’’. According to Chinese Medicine, we begin winter at Halloween. This Fairy King brings joy and soulful connections. An original queer, give this King whatever name or designation works for your reality. Maybe it’s a crazy uncle or an unmarried auntie…but you know those who have had the courage to live differently (and often dangerously, even more so when there’s intersectionality involved. As the veil thins, your Invisible Entourage (IE) awaits your beck and call. Like a unified gospel church that accepts their queer choir, your IE permeates and guides your soul. The Fairy King protects your ego and its fears. Trust in this dark time of year is a requirement. Trust, like charity, begins at home. Astrology sprinkles our lives with meaning. These two philosophical sciences are one. To use one without the other is not the making of a Lunar Eclipse in dualistic Gemini. Our sense of wholeness in an inclusive spirituality matters. Say you love yourself, so you can say what you love about other beings. Astrologers can be guilty of separating spiritual ‘truths’ into factions. Gemini asks us to keep our hearts together. And, the Nodal axis wants all our souls to come together, right now ala Beatles. With the current Venus Star who inspires and grounds our personal passions in Gemini, our warrior energies lead us toward wholeness. No matter how it may appear, realize that we may be tied to ‘lost cause’ pasts via ancestral and racial biases, but our spirits have an unending ability to shift dimensions.

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