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Fall season begins this Thursday September 22, 2022---here's an excerpt from Our Raw Material notes:

Tavish Carduff has done a masterful job in bringing this ancient and modern practice into balance. As we live & contemplate the inner equilibrium of ego and soul, harmonic atmospheres abound exponentially!



Our Raw Material is a Natural Thought Practice for Intentional Soul/Ego Balance. There are four cycles per year, each lasting 12 weeks, beginning at the solstice and the equinox. Drawing grounded power from its simple design, ORM invites our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical selves into objective, transformative consideration. It is a singular line into true self-understanding - specifically created to complement the current flow of your life, no matter

WHY practice ORM?

So that we may experience our own personal Wholeness in ways that make us feel universally and uniquely supported for being exactly who we are so that we can ‘dare to dream’ as we increasingly manifest our intentions in alignment with our values and ideals…

HOW does ORM work?

The magic of ORM lies in the simplicity of the practice. You don’t have to do anything but include these 12 concepts into your thoughts, one week at a time. The complete cycle will lead you to a perspective that will change the way you experience your own Wholeness to resonate more JOY. Simply acknowledging where your gratitude exists creates a source of this joy. Your intentional awareness uncovers a deep feeling of universal support as you learn to honor the voices of both your ego and your soul with natural balance.

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