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Mercury Travels Through the Upper, Middle & Under Worlds---Mercury In Retrograde Motion in Capricorn

You’ve heard “Third Time’s The Charm”. This connects us to Mercury in retrograde motion three times a year for approximately three weeks. Three also emphasizes principles. There are three worlds (imagine The Hobbit story)--upper, middle and under worlds. Lofty Mt. Olympus where the Gods and Goddesses live. Humans exist in the middle world.

Our minds can be drawn expansively/inclusively towards the ‘upper’ world or we can be possessed by the under/lower world where all sorts of triggering creatures reside, yes?)

The underworld (Pluto ruled) has been drawing our light since his discovery in 1930. Since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, ‘shadow work’ has been increasing in importance.

If you’ve been following my Fall Blogs they’ve been centered upon AstrORM…hey, I choose to keep myself engaged and inspired. One way I’ve done this after writing since the early 90’s is to combine systems. Astrology with Tarot, I Ching, Feng Shui, to name my favorites. Yes, this has been at the cost of writing more palpably predictable New and Full Moon columns. I appreciate those who’ve stayed with me.

Under the current Gemini Moon (Nov 28, 2023) and Resource Week in Our Raw Material (ORM), I’ve decided to be your resource for this upcoming motion of Mercury Retrograde. Intention is all. I repeat--Intention is all, every moment, but especially when the planet that represents our thought patterns appears to go backwards. Energy follows thought.

This little scamp of a planet slows down on December 13, 2023 at the ninth degree of Capricorn. He will go in a stationary direct motion on New Year’s Day 2024. He is going to test our resolve and determination over the holiday season.

Right hemisphere symbolism is illuminated through the Two of Pentacles aka Grace Under Pressure and the Sabian Symbol of 9 Capricorn is ‘An Angel Comes Carrying a Harp’.

Angels are the first extraterrestrials. Mythological Mercury travels in the upper, middle and underworlds. His words of wisdom (or trickery) come when you most need them. It is your intent that guides your interpretation. Harps, as a stringed instrument, offer inspiration or delusion. Capricorn energies when connected to their own inner truth through listening to their heart and tuned ear, discourage disharmony. However, when earth focused only realism can easily become pessimism, kindness can become opportunistic.


On a practical level buy your gifts before December 13. If not possible, then keep the receipts and send gift receipts. It may be better to make as many gifts as you can. Mercury rarely behaves as an impish child when gifts are made and given with love. It’d be better to wait to give a thoughtful and sincere gift than to rush during this holiday season.

Remember planets in retrograde motion have the multidimensional influence of Pisces---intent is felt. Appearances do not matter to the aware Pisces (influenced by pragmatic cosmic Teacher Saturn and mystical Neptune in Pisces this December 2023. Allow the adage ‘it’s the thought that counts’ underscore your gifting practice---Visa may not like it, but your soul knows.

Mercury begins to appear to move backwards the day after a New Moon in Sagittarius. Then he begins to move again on January 13 a mere two days after a New Moon in Capricorn. These two signs share the complementary energies of expansion and contraction. Both can lean into melancholy and depression. “What? Exuberant and extroverted Sag, depressed?’ you scoff. That’s fully covered in the Capricorn curriculum, right? Well, Sagittarius gets ‘depressed’ when they are made to be aware of the limits of the physical plane, like age, time, gravity, and of course, credit card balances. Capricorn ties a scarf around their head, allows it to drop to their eyes. Then complains about how everything is so dark. In essence, this starting earth sign becomes too aware of their earthly limits.

Mercury will spend from December 23 to January 13, 2024 in Sagittarius. This adaptable fire sign has the opportunity to possess a generosity of spirit. Religious focused, ecumenical and denominational, ‘spiritual, not religious’ or the Non Affiliated, that’s an inclusiveness that’s so attractive of these folx.

How about looking into Kwanzaa? Day Five (5) Nia/Purpose with Jupiter beginning to move at six degrees Taurus. To muse about your mission or purpose takes each of us out of egocentric greed. We start to aspire to want more for everyone we meet, yes?

Right hemisphere these first ten degrees of Taurus connect to the Five of Pentacles aka Worry. Sabian symbol for 6 Taurus is ‘A Bridge being built across a high narrow bridge gorge”.

The Tarot Cards symbolizes a reevaluation of your values (how you spend your time and money) is warranted. Our sense of purpose is fulfilled through simply breathing, serving and showing up where we committed to do so.

The Sabian Symbol can be interpreted as bridges can move us to our future visions or keep us looking in our rearview mirrors. Allowing Jupiter going forward after being stalled out since September 4, 2023, can bring the inner gifts of how to traverse or travel to our pasts to heal those relationships.

Thrice Hermes aka ‘Third time’s the charm' was in retrograde motion in Virgo (August 23 to September 15, 2023). He’s seeking a continuance of where our energies were located and intentional. It is important to set intentions around the interconnected nature of each successive Mercury retrograde. Recognizing your thought patterns. Have been congruent? If not, why not? This Mercury time in Sagittarius from December 23 to January 13, 2024 is Jupiter (upper world and abstract) ruled. Yep, you are your siblings' keeper. Maintain an exclusive and purposeful vision. Then, observe how life conspires to bring us back together. Narrow thinking creates that gorge, you and yours will fall in. Where did you set your intentions from a strictly egocentric perspective in August/September of 2023? Bridge the gaps in your connections through taking the higher (inclusive and often less traveled) is strongly advised by this stargazer. That's a charming notion of 'Thrice Mercury'. The tension between a Virgo Mercury and a Sagittarius Mercury can make the difference between envisioning too narrowly or too broadly. Each of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sag & Pisces) must choose to use their minds to reflect under moderation of extremes, less their nervous systems overload and sleeplessness results. Stress brought on by an overactive nervous system can result in dis-ease.


Last note is thrice traveling (upper, middle and under) world Mercury starts his apparently direct motion on Day Seven of Kwanzaa at 23 degrees of Sagittarius.. Sevens are sacred in a number of religions. This day is called Imani/Faith--no it's not random.

Right hemisphere the Tarot emphasis is the 10 of Wands. As a matter of fact the 20 days (12. 23.23 to 1.13.24) Mercury travels these last degrees of Sag. Oppression is name associated with this Tarot Card. As a choice, this oppression is self-inflicted, usually through not setting your boundaries. You possess overcommitment dis-ease. You court burnout. Less is more. If you cannot give of yourself freely, remember it’s been said in a Good Book, ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak’. We’ve returned to the physical limitations of time and space. No burning out. Have faith in your discerning ability to know when to say ‘no’ or delegate, ok?

All in all, Mercury enters his shadow today on November 28, 2023. He will not appear to cover new ground under January 22, 2024. Review the last two Mercury retrograde in motion periods (August 23 to September 15, 2023 & April 21 to May 15, 2023) in Virgo & Taurus, respectively Realize that the one in the spring joined underworld Pluto in Aquarius. Reflect upon which intentions were made then. How are they working out? Can you release those ‘shoulds’?

Pluto returns to Aquarius (January 20, 2024) right after Mercury returns to Capricorn (January 13, 2024)--stay tuned our ride will be bumpy in direct proportion to our attitude and perception of our cocreation of our reality.

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