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Come Together. Right Now: Solar Eclipse in Cancer June 21, 2020

Home and hearth, where everyone knows your name and you have everything you need, that’s one side of Cancer. Another is “you look different”, “we’re not related”, “you bring me and mine fear, therefore we must stand our ground”.

Using Washington DC as the location, this Solar Eclipse has Uranus Rising in Taurus ruled by a retrograde Venus in Gemini in the second house of ‘what has real value?’. ‘We the People’ Uranus has expressed itself through one (mostly) peaceful protest after another. When balanced Uranus recognizes how we are splintered spirits in bodies, who physically appear different, comes into awareness, those who live for an attachment to Saturn (control, status, money & hierarchy) become steeped in more fear.

As the USA chart greets its first Pluto return in Capricorn in the second house of values what matters (cough, capitalism). Each person and our entire nation has to reckon with how we balance the cosmic scales. In our past greed as a nation we used human capital to build wealth. Now we have to decide what to offer those who are descendants of property.

 ‘Defunding the Police’ centers upon our collective understanding of the historical roots and present-day application of the police. It does not mean there will be no police, simply that the militarization will definitely be scaled down.  Through the interaction of peaceful protesters and militarized police, we can see that largely they serve to protect property. Slaves were considered property and the genesis of modern-day policing started with fugitive slave retrieval. This in combination with The Second Amendment, militia, lynching, erecting Confederate monuments to modern-day policing practices such as racial profiling and qualified immunity resulting in a lack of accountability of those meant to ‘protect and serve’ people, is it any wonder we can be considered refugees by UN standards? A united nation, we have NEVER been. 

Transformation is more than just ‘afoot’ or ‘in the air’. Collectively, as Fannie Lou Hamer said “we are sick and tired of being sick and tired”. Yet, we are tired of history being ‘glossed over’. From the Daughters of the Revolution to Jim Crow to Southern Strategy to the present day. When consciousness is being blocked in the ‘homespun’ sign of Cancer, we’ve got to ask why the looking back? Why the hell ‘Lady Antebellum’ thinks it’s okay to shorten their name to ‘Lady A’ without the due diligence of searching to see if there weren’t already a blues singer with that name‘Lady A’? 

Photo-journalist Mercury is spending 10 weeks in the emotionally revisionist Cancer, potentially so. We have from May 28 to August 4, 2020 to research, reevaluate and reconnect to our collective roots in order to move towards a future that works for everyone, every citizen. There is a ‘confluence of factors’ that refuses to be ignored. Our teachers, Uranus in economically driven Taurus aka ‘I have’ and ‘Hey, that’s mine!’, Neptune in ‘we are all one’ empathic Pisces aka ‘I believe’ but when delusional can become ‘if you believe differently than I do, then let’s auction your ass off in the name of God’, and then the subterranean dwarf planet Pluto that makes the economic games of socialism and capitalism seem like child’s play aka ‘I’ll snatch your ass into an underworld of your own creating’ and ‘I’ll make everything you need to survive so expensive (dear) that green is the only color that matters’. We can come together right now over this…or we all die. Actually, on a soul (inner and evolutionary) level, we are dying. Transform our hyperindividualism into a unified and collective vision.

These. Are. Our. Choices.

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