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Ducking Venus

Tomorrow afternoon Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. ?Each sign has a script. ?Capricorn is the sign of the patriarch. ?When Venus (values & relationships we choose) slows down to appear to go backwards, She is closer to the Earth and let the drama unfold.

Unless you’ve been having a prolonged ‘tech free’ reality, you are probably aware of Phil Robertson’s statements about Blacks during the 19th century, gays and the Bible. ?The patriarch (that’s’ how he’s been described) was born April 24, 1946. ?Phil’s Sun sign is Taurus, ruled by Venus. ?The Venus ruled (Libra and Pisces) can have a tough roe to hoe over these next six weeks (She stops to move forward on Friday, January 31, 2014).

As a member of at least two of the minorities he referred to, I feel qualified to comment. ?Yes, he has a right to his opinion, the young soul that he is. ?However, what did we expect? ?Taurus has a strong relationship to the physical world and the pleasures to be derived from it. ?’Down-to-earth” and the salt of the earth are phrases to describe this sign of mid spring. ?Yet, the usually laid back Taurus person has a cruel streak when others do not agree with their ‘values’.

I’m not excusing him, but if he has not chosen to broaden his perspectives and become more inclusive in his values by the age of 67, I say “next life”. ?Taurus (physical drive to survive through reproduction) is opposite Scorpio (death)., so in my defense I’m not having an Oprah moment where she said in her own Aquarius fashion that “old racists will have to die”. ?I am acutely aware of our own mortality.

The aspect of this that I find fascinating is the amount of privilege and entitlement Phil has accumulated over his 67 year life. ?He said what he believed. ?He has people standing by him (shades of ‘stand your ground’ ala Treyvon Martin). ?No accounting for the pain his words have caused. ?To use the Bible as a literal authority to judge other people’s lives has grown beyond old. ?So, I did a bit more digging…

Phil has an Evening Star Venus and his Venus Star Point (personal passion) is in community driven (read: group think) Aquarius. ? Our first community is our families. ?Our families can be extend and chosen, particularly in case of LGBTQ folk (check teen suicide and homeless rates against other teens, you’ll be surprised). ?Phil’s Aquarius Star is about as broad as his mind. ?In its shadowy repressed state Aquarian energy can be likened to a cult leader (just because the word ‘patriarch’ is used does not mean this dynasty cannot be considered to possess cult properties.

Evening Star Venus’ are already predisposed towards have otherworldly or excessively idealistic principles when it comes to examining their relationships. ?You add a repressive Aquarius to the mix and you have a recipe for bigoted and narrow minded thinking. ?Remember that Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (past) and Uranus (future). ?Think Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck both Sun sign Aquarians with Evening Star Venus Points ?(in physically repressive Virgo). ?Only Bobby Jindal brings his manipulative two cents in as a Morning Star in Scorpio (other people’s money), I’d like to know whether or not the Duck Dynasty have contributed to his political campaign.

Venus retrograde is a balancing time, a deepening of awareness of what truly matters (pun intended). ?A&E network is a chosen relationship of the Duck Dynasty, they will have to determine if this show (I’ve not watched it) worth (Venus) it. ? ?Capricorn energy is pragmatic, when it spends four months in this sign, Venus gets down to what will the community accept. ?Yet, if you don’t speak up when you hear sentiments like this when the ‘other’ is not around, you are part of the problem.

My secret wish is that reality shows that demonstrate extreme human behaviors be eradicated from the airwaves. ?I know I can choose not to watch, but when will I live in a world where I’m entitled enough to not have to hear the sewage like spewing of a Phil Robertson? ? I could regale you with tales of the microaggressions i deal with everyday (particularly while shopping in the Kansas City area, another time, ok?

Stay tuned because the next Venus Star Point on January 11, 2014 will oppose (challenge through relationship) Phil’s natal Saturn in clannish Cancer (pun intended) and square his Jupiter (belief system) in Libra (relationships). ?A&E will be asking how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? ?I suspect it will not Phil’s.

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