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Fall’s Beginning


I’ve received some communications regarding the excessively busy and confusing energies this week. ?Some have equated these alleged astrological mishaps to Mercury retrogrades. ?We should be so lucky.

Mercury retrogrades to place our attention on how we extend ourselves in communication, increased awareness of what you put out there from your mind. ?The element and sign of his seemingly back up tells the story like a narrator in a B movie. The upcoming Mercury retrograde lasts from October 15 through November 10 in psychologically driven and emotionally intense Scorpio. ?(There’s no A list star except your Sun, your Venus Star Point can be given credit as the co-star).


Collectively, we are midway between the seven squares (tense, challenging) between Uranus (freedom from conditioning) and Pluto (soul’s urges toward authentic and lasting evolution) in Aries (individuality) and Capricorn (authority, government), respectively. ?These squares began June 24, 2012. ?November 1, 2013 marks the fourth one. ?(Dontcha now wish it was just Mercury retrograding?)

Uranus and Pluto demand more of us than Mercury. ?These ‘ambassadors of the galaxy’ teach us through awakening our egos to think and act beyond our comfortable play pens. ?As higher (enlightening agents) octaves of Mercury and Mars, this fourth square want each of us to contemplate our innocent warrior selves in relationship to the larger societal rules we’ve agreed to live by.

The fourth square highlights the heart chakra. ?These Hindu wheel of energy resonate with our etheric body, sending messages of love and unconditional acceptance of self and others. ?With Mars (warrior hero) in heart centered Leo until October 15, we have the additional responsibility to jump in and lend a hand where needed, with no questions asked or thoughts of exchange. ?Mercury will enter his shadow on October 2. ?This means he will begin to retrace his steps after he’s begun to move on November 10. ?In essence, the lord of business and communication will be slowing down, those decisions made in haste will be leisurely repented once he’s ended his shadow on Thanksgiving Day.. ? None of Mercury’s apparent background movements happens in ?vacuum, that’s why I categorically say, ‘we should all be so lucky’.

If you act without being heart centered, very little good will come of it and/or it will not last…


Where are Uranus and Pluto in my natal chart?

Where are these two heavyweight planets kicking up my urge for rapid growth and resistant to my soul’s growth simultaneously?

How can I expertly tend to these contradictory impulses?

Where is Scorpio in my natal chart?

How can I use the upcoming Mercury to my advantage, even if I’m not a Gemini or Virgo?

What does the Venus Star Point have in store for me and those I love this fall, seeing that Venus retrogrades on the Winter Solstice 2013?

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