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Get Your Knee Off Our Necks!

While I admire Michelle Obama who has said ‘when they go low, we go high’. My fiery self enjoyed Reverend Al Sharpton at George Floyd’s memorial when he preached, ‘get your knee off our necks!’ 

He went high through acknowledging how with much less brutality, what more we would’ve accomplished. Well, Astrology be a high of mine. Hippocrates was an astrologer. He connected each body part with a Sun Sign. Starting with the first sign and the head, hello, Aries. Taurus as the second sign is related to the neck. The higher the number your sign, the lower the part to which it’s connected. By the time we get to the tenth sign of Capricorn, we are below waist celebrating our crossed (or bent) knees. The eleventh is Aquarius associated with the shins.

When I heard Reverend Al say, ‘Get your knee off our necks!’ I went in my mind: ‘keep your patriarchal hypocritical dominating Capricorn body part off of where I speak my truths, my values, my having joy off of my Taurus self’!.  

Astrolation: Get your knee (Capricorn) off our necks (Taurus)!

Capricorn owns a systemic perspective (US Constitution, Black Codes, Jim Crow) and the other from an asset, balance sheet one (Taurus). Point is control. That’s why ‘reverse racism’ is NOT a thing. Black supremacy, NOT a thing. For either to be enacted that has to be a system that supports and enforces it. I am not speaking for all Black folx, but I am not interested in revenge or managing Whites from a position of ‘superiority’. I like my knees flexible. Knees symbolize humility (prayer allusions). As an allegedly Christian nation, you’d think that these acts would be condemned. But White Supremacy is as White Supremacy does, it trumps (pun intended) religious unity (is there any wonder why the largest religious affiliation in the US is the ‘nones’ (those who profess no affiliation with organized religion?) Time. To. Tax. Religion. (You can send taxes to fund Black communities with pre-k, education, health care and mental health services).

When a governmental agent places a knee on an oppressed person, that’s sadistic unchecked dominance. Think about it. This heinous action was over George Floyd using an allegedly counterfeit $20 bill. Um, the same president on that bill Andrew Jackson hangs in the Oval. Where the current President stalled the replacement of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. The same president who was responsible for the Trail of Tears. 

These. Ghosts. Must. Die. Knees. Off. Our. Necks. Now.

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