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Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius Mediating Between Karma & Privilege (Transcription)


DEC 21, 2020 



The spectrum of consciousness is reflected in the way that a person can take and reflect constructive  criticism: it is a good test to determine a new vs old soul: wearing masks, being concerned about others, the  Affordable Care Act, & do you agree that “we are in this together?”. A mature soul is looking for “like-minded”  people and old-souls are “I am spiritual, not necessarily religious”.  

The 1st degree of Aquarius is symbolized as an old adobe mission in California (1850, the gold rush and  wealth, represents this ‘rushing to’ and this interconnectedness, and “all there is”); the image of an adobe  mission symbolizes our spirituality, even in the modern world. 

Jupiter is expansion (the spirit of the law), while Saturn is contraction (the mature force, the law); It is the spirit  of the law. You get the Jupiter vision of what is possible but this is tempered by our interconnectedness.  These 2 forces are complementary; “You are your neighbor’s keeper”. Saturn is the mature elder part of us  that basically operates through caution; we think of contraction in our American Jupiter, as Americans in our  hyper-individualism and our ability to think that we are blessed no matter what; it is the shadow side of  America’s Sagittarius-rising (if we use the birth as July 4, 1776 5:10 pm in Philadelphia).  

Jupiter and Saturn come together every 20 years, which begins an economical cycle. Understand that Astrology has many specializations. Financial astrologers see this one of many indicators how the markets may work. 

The last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was in Taurus in 2001: Taurus is “I have, I own”. Jupiter in Taurus in the  shadow is entitlement and mediocrity: it is who you know, big business and big connections. It is the Big Fish  story. Ask any Jupiter ruled or Sagittarius person, ‘at what point does an exaggeration become a lie?’ A shadow of Taurus is greed: “if I have more, I am better than you, I built this on my own” (Taurus can ignore or deny its opposite sign of Scorpio (taxes). Please note our opposite sign often carries our shadow. There was very little compromise over the past 20 years. Taurus can have little to no emotional connection (Scorpio) to those folx that do not share their values (Taurus). Each build up to major wars (Revolutionary, Civil, WWII) Uranus has been in Taurus…Revolutionary Polarization (usually over money/tax/Captured & Enslaved Africans).

Saturn in Taurus, is contraction (think: inhalation), tends to teach us through lack: the quintessential of poverty consciousness. It does not matter how much money you have, there is something in your genetics, when you have Saturn in Taurus in your 2nd classroom (or 2nd house); you are going to be imbued with a level of poverty consciousness.  Even if you are monetarily well-off, you can still carry this “what if it all goes away?”; this is more of a parental Taurus thing. You can also think of Saturn as the superego. This judge-y consciousness in Jupiter . . . we’ve just had a 4-year experience of Jupiter run amok with the outgoing administration. His south node (past life  symbol) is in Sagittarius; there are his lifetimes of expectations of entitlement that allows him to feel that he can do whatever he wants. The Saturn part of his chart brings him back down to earth since it is being  aspected. This is the death of “I can get away with whatever I want and be above the law”. Or ‘I am the law. I have the right to have my values be the law. Saturn is the law,  it is the actual, tangible legislation, that we live by.  

Jupiter tends to be the spirit of the law. Saturn is the letter of the law. Broken down, this is the Black Lives  Matter movement. The letter of the law is “the knee on the neck”: the knee is the Saturn part of the body.  The Jupiter is the Kyle Rittenhouse “I can carry a gun . . . I’m protected . . . I’m entitled”. So the shift from those 2 being in Taurus in 2001, right before September 11th, symbolized the shift from America’s place in the  world. The 20-year period before that came in 1981, Jupiter and Saturn in Libra (the scales), and that was the  balance between wealth; “those who have vs those who have not” or ego vs soul. The comparison and contrast (Taurus/wealth & Libra/relationships) have created space for a ‘keeping up with the Jones’, a looking everywhere except within for security.

Historically when Jupiter and Saturn are in earth signs, Presidents are assassinated: Lincoln (in Virgo), Garfield  (in Taurus), McKinley (another earth sign); Reagan was shot (Libra). When this conjunction occurs in the air  element, it is about ideals; air is about “how do we intellectually connect?”

This conjunction is a beginning of the 20-year cycle of Aquarius (not the Age of Aquarius). Saturn in Aquarius says “let’s look at the past, the history of what we have done as a collective”. Let’s determine what is still valuable and what we want to take into the future. Aquarians who do not know their past are not able to talk meaningfully about their future (how do they know where they are going if they do not know where they have been?). Without a rooting into history, it can be easy for this air sign to take on the soul of the group, a ‘when in Rome, do as Romans do’ or ‘if everyone’s twerking, then I hope I’ve done enough squats’.  

Aquarians have to be that dual energy of knowing the past and what did not work, and being willing to reform or revolutionize, because Aquarius is a communal trans-personal sign. Aquarius has to look at community  consensus and ask those (non-attached) no-outcome questions. These questions can be leading but they  cannot push the answer onto anyone. 

In an ideal light, Jupiter in Aquarius is the willingness to not only get the 50 members of the senate to get progressive stuff done but being able to grasp the big idea (because Jupiter is a big planet). The last two times this conjunction has been in signs that are Venus ruled (Taurus & Libra). Both of these signs have an ‘agree to disagree’ vibration of compromise. 

We have enough resources for Oprah’s “you get a car and you get a car”. Jupiter is “how do we expand on our ideals ?” and Saturn is “how do we put them into law?”. I see this conjunction as “how do we think outside of the box (or no box at all)?. Saturn  does not mind boxes but do not get the impression that what Saturn means is to say “no” to every big Jupiter  dream but let’s be pragmatic. If you are coming from fear, then you have already lost. The energies that tend  to come out of fear first, are the thoughts or things that come from air signs-Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.  

Aquarius, it is important for you to check your narrative at the door. You do the Saturnian work, the mental  discipline of not collapsing into the worst case scenario. If you are an Aquarian, you have expansive  “Jup-rah” (you get a car) ideas and contracting Saturn (what will work pragmatically) going into your sign of  consciousness, which is the Sun in Aquarius. So you get to shine light on both of these spectrums of contraction (when does caution become fear or phobias?) vs expansion (but not to operate from lack of  judgement based on privilege and entitlement) that you do not stop and think about what could go wrong  because your life does not allow you to reap the consequences. This is the shadow Jupiter energy in  Aquarius. “Ideas, ideas, expand, expand” but Saturn is here to ask “What will pan out?”. 

With Libra in this conjunction, Aquarius represents your classroom of fun, play, dating, and self-expression.  Libra, you may have an abundance of suitors and have multiple creative projects going on at the same time.  Saturn is reminding you to balance the fear of rejection, of not being lovable, or the excessive caution that you place on love, in order to trust. The ability to know yourself well, and then everything in moderation,  particularly in matters of the heart and children, and knowing when you are over-disciplining your children.  The I-Ching verse #60 says “put limitations on your limitations”.  

Gemini in this conjunction, Aquarius in your classroom-it is breaking the religious rules and expanding your  mind. Saturn enters and in the old Testament (Jehovah), those things that were imprinted in early childhood  “don’t do that or don’t do this” or “because I said so”. The Jupiter in Aquarius, once we are able to travel  again, get to it Gemini. Or if you are unable to travel, then eat from different cultures or learn different  languages: allow your mind to be expanded to different philosophies.  

The take-away for Air signs: thoughts are things, known to expand your thoughts and possibilities, and at the  same time, cautiously weed through which of those thoughts you can manifest: the inner pragmatist is not the  inner critic. Air is collective and is communally driven on an intellectual level. Water is also collective and a  consensus-driven sign. Fire and earth signs are individualistic and self motivated.  

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: Jupiter loves Cancer in Pisces (and Scorpio) because of the connection of the  rulership of Pisces. So where thoughts and things are about the air signs, feelings are things for the water  signs, “do you feel it?”.  

With Pisces being the 2nd classroom/house ‘taking care of business to Aquarius (but Aquarius is the 12th classroom of unfinished  business to Pisces), you can bet that the first 5 months of this year, while Jupiter is in Aquarius, your lesson as this mutable, humanity-loving, water sign is how do you look at the last 11 years and create from your dreams. Jupiter is saying “come on, let’s do some wish power, let’s do some larger picture how-do-all things-come-together through the eyes of faith? Pisces in this conjunction is about you believing that you can  create something so sublime and then Saturn enters and says “yeah, you can create this in direct proportion  to your ability to give up guilt and shame and believing that your skeletons are dirtier that everyone else’s. Pisces can carry a sabotage energy of “I am not worthy” and maybe you are not worthy, but it is up to you to decide. With this conjunction, the symbol, again, is the old adobe mission in California and the Hollywood piece is about visualization for creating your dreams for a movie. ‘Who is in your soundtrack? What’s in your wallet?’ 

Cancer is “I feel” and “I need to create a safe emotional space for those people that I love and feel connected  to.” Saturn in Aquarius says “no emotional cheating Cancer, none of that backsliding around commitment”: if  you made a commitment, stick to that commitment. Saturn delivers although he may delay. In this Aquarian  energy, know that you have a number of intellectual attractions but keep in mind that you must be honest with  yourself about these attractions and also be forward-thinking about ways to share yourself, your money, and  your soul. Jupiter comes in and brings grants and loans, and other peoples’ resources in an expansive way that can also be utilized for everyone; family, friends, and community. But ultimately, Cancer you come about 

this from a quiet, secretive, shrewd perspective. But truth will ultimately come out, because Aquarius is about  truth, so if you’re going to lie or misrepresent, don’t do it to yourself.  

Scorpio is “I desire”; and by saying “I desire” you automatically say that there is a lack, that there is  something outside of yourself that will complete you. Another slant to Scorpio is “I create” instead of “I  desire”. However, this Jupiter in Aquarius, hits you Scorpio, in the basement because Aquarius represents  your 4th house/classroom of roots and family stories; your psychological upbringing and connection to your  father. With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, there is a love-hate: you want to experience the happiness from  your parents. Your homework is to go through and re-frame the narratives and stories that you tell about early  childhood, so that they are told in a more positive way. You can include some of the negative but tell in a more optimistic way; what’s the moral of the story? With Saturn there may be some family members you are  just resolute; you can set the emotional and intellectual boundaries with “I don’t feel like discussing this issue”  and say “no, I am not discussing this”. You do not have to go into whether you are going to forgive the pro Trump uncle. Remember, souls grow at different rates and most Scorpios have to deal with loss. It is the  attachments and the stories that you tell and the resentment that is carried by these losses that is  problematic. This is true for all water signs, but especially Scorpio. It is about moving beyond because Jupiter is the generosity of spirit and the willingness to overlook- that is motivated by forgiveness, not by denial. These are 2 totally different things. “You can’t change nothing you ain’t faced” paraphrasing James Baldwin.  

These 2 individualistic elements; fire including Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and the earth signs including Taurus,  Capricorn, and Virgo who are individualistic about their physical world, such as their job, their money, and  their status. Aries is the friendship sign to Aquarius, so you will be getting a lot of “drive down this road”, or  “call this person”-a lot of intimations about how to verify your psychic intuition with your day-to-day shtick.  Saturn in the 11th classroom is the interconnectedness about day-to-day communication and starting  new education and Zoom, new ways to communicate your ideas to pioneer expansion in your social circle  and joining with like-minded and like-hearted people who want to improve the planet and the community. For  Aries, think of the word “impossible” and place an ‘ between the I and M, you get “I’m possible”. It is about  really believing and knowing. Saturn in the 11th classroom is about joining the group and being the treasurer or  some important part of the group, not just a wall-flower member. Take that additional responsibility to be an  active member. This is a relay race, not a sprint.  

Leo, you are the opposite sign of Aquarius, so Aquarius cannot be further from you than any other sign. Leo  is personal participation and that recognition. Aquarius is community and participation as a member of the  group. Leo is the lead singer and Aquarius is the choir. With these 2 gas giants in the choir in the “I know”  sign of Aquarius, it is about you showing up Leo, but it is also about you showing up with an elevated sense  of communal purpose. Because if you don’t, then Saturn will knock you down; setting up your heart to be  broken and betrayed. Jupiter will bring in a lot of opportunities for equal and unique partnerships and “those  fellow travelers” along the way or those people that you want to spend happy hour with.  

Sagittarius has “I see” possibilities in that 3rd classroom of recognizing day-to-day trips and communication.  Saturn may bring a heaviness or cynicism: resist the cynicism. If you cannot resist the cynicism, then get with  the kissing cousin of skepticism because at least with skepticism, there is an underlying motivation for investigation. Cynicism is “no, no, no”. A cynical Sagittarius is a young soul; a materialistic and transactional  person. With this Jupiter in Aquarius, you will have some stories to tell, in mediums and expression of all  forms. And like Aquarius, the ancestral history is important; Aquarius tends to be tied to more social and  political history. For Leo, your ancestors matter and what they did or did not do. It is lazy to say that “I did  not own slaves, therefore . . . “. This is the distinction between responsibility and accountability. No one is  saying that you are accountable for what your ancestors did or did not do, but you are responsible for the  benefits that have accrued from your ancestors.  

Earth sets physical boundaries. Capricorn is Saturn being the ruler of Aquarius, which represents your 2nd  classroom of taking care of business and how do you build legacies, and long-lasting worth: Aquarius says to  stay open-minded to new ideas and to build reform, which has already begun. Capricorn is an initiating sign  and when you are humble (since Capricorn rules the knees and for the last 2000 years, we have been learning  how to pray). If you are having an intense conversation with a Capricorn, it would be beneficial to have the  conversation on the floor, to give some physical way to deal with the body. Capricorn can be open to  innovative ideas during this time. The Jupiter in Aquarius can bring in new money-making ideas and that 

ability to make communal money and the ability to give back, not the raging capitalist. There is a turkey  energy, giving back.  

Taurus is about career and status and what you have been working on for the last 14 years: this started in  Leo, a time for you to build foundations for the success that will come directly related to your discipline.  Saturn is an Uber Eats-he may delay but he does not deny that that food will be delivered. Taurus you have  disciplined yourself to do the work to see the cornucopia and harvest. Jupiter says just make sure that you  are “Jupiter-ing” it, how you pay it forward and how you take this status and higher self of the community,  who helped you to get there. Who is in your acceptance speech at the Grammys? 

Evolutionary Virgo needs to remember that growth is a central part of your spirit. Virgos are picky and  perfectionistic but perfectionism as an ideal (an air element). Looking for the perfect sentence or the perfect  story. Aquarius looks for the perfect community and ideal. Virgo, you can get fanatical that your way is the  only way. The Virgo earth is much more pragmatic and in Aquarius, the 6th classroom, it can represent this  exacting precision that you will have of bringing your ideas into day-to-day; how do I build the better  mousetrap? Saturn will give you the patience and Jupiter will give you the ideas. Your physical health will be  in direct proportion to your joy and your ability to bring these higher ideals into your day-to-day. The more  that you are able to do this, your digestive system will benefit. 

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