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Numbers, Stars & Cards: Enablers, Mad Kings, Artists and Visionary Uprisings

As a former Cost Accountant and lawyer, I’ve loved numbers and logic. As I’ve mellowed, hopefully like a fine vine instead of a bitter vinegar, I’ve come to relish in the visionary strength the tarot cards offer to me, my community and clients. Sometimes the overarching story the cards tell is so blindly clear, I often think to myself, “I see why folx were hanged for this”. Salem witch trials and patriarchy, notwithstanding, the combination of numbers, cards and stars humbles me frequently. A former student inspired this blog. She asked me to write something for her upcoming book (that is in its final stages). Working Title is The Heart’s Compass. One reason it is here at Belief Is Not Required is the timeliness of this work (and my tone began to heart soften around page four, so hang in there, Snoopy). Another reason is the insights skew more political than spiritual. Rarely do I see a distinction. I am reminded of Heather Heyer (Charlottesville death). She said, ‘if you’re not outraged, then you’re not paying attention’. That was her last published post on Facebook. Here’s a beginning portrait of someone who ran a presidential campaign on white outrage. Sometimes the most compassionate act is telling the truth, directly and kindly… This president was born on June 14, 1946 (exactly 145 years on the day Benedict Arnold died). Other than prison for his numerous crimes, his name synonymous with treason is a priority too. Numerological breakdown goes a little something like this.. 6-14-1946 6+14+1946=40/4 or 6+5+20=31/4 The fourth trump in the tarot is The Emperor. Now, I say major arcana (secrets) other than trumps, well saying his name can be problematic in a spiritual client setting (although I’m growing out of this resistance). The day of birth I call ‘The Power Date’. 14 reduces to a 5 (1+4=5). The fifth major secret is The Hierophant. Tulsa Trump getting off Air Force One with a MAGA cap in his right hand (looking like he’s strangling it), loosened red tie and head uncharastically bowed… Reversed Emperor aka known as the Emperor With No Clothes (shades of The Fool as the child who points out this obvious truth). After all, it is The Fool’s journey through the 21 secrets, yes? Birth Path is The Emperor (sees himself as king/dictator) When the Gemini Sun is born to learn flexibility of mind, Most cis-gendered heterosexual Gemini males, there is a need to integrate their Jungian anima (inner soul) or ‘receptive’ side. While the female integrates her ‘yang’ active thinking which Carl Jung called ‘animus’. Gemini in shadow (dark, splintered state cut off from source energies) is amoral. It is the lawyer or journalist that lives in hypotheticals. Through studying the mind and nature of thought, these anxious folx can get caught up in ‘what if’s’? In so doing, live entirely in the minds capable of rationalizing any action and speaking in half and often contradictory truths. Sounds familiar? The Four birth path can accerbate any materialistic tendencies as well as the need for control of everything and everybody. In Numerology, the 14/5 is seen as a ‘karmic’ number. This number can represent an attachment to pleasure, squandering of resources and a general lack of boundaries. The 4 works through the 1 (selfish ego) to produce the creative expansiveness promised by the 5. When is enough, enough? The greed of a 14/5 can eventually create their own self-destruction (and tempting others to follow). Original Kool Aid Emperor Jim Jones (People’s Temple Preacher) whose followers commited suicide by drinking Kool Aid was born May 13, 1931. Power Date is a 13/4 (The Emperor and The Death). 5+1+3+1+9+3+1=23/5 or 14/5 The need for their word to not be questioned is evident. Their authority is/was absolute. With collective fears fascism and cults are born. Again, think Tulsa, Phoenix and other soon-to-be campaign rallies. There is the cult, with COVID-19 as the kool aid. When the King and Priest aka the Emperor and Hierophant are in collusion, there can be a bottomless pit of appetites usually for power and control. There is no inner world or self-regulation unless The High Priestess or The Empress are present too. When these energies manifest through young or baby souls, you get the current state of the US Senate and Presidency. There is little to no awareness of reaping karma. Karmic forming lacks contemplation about how your actions will affect others now and in the future. So you must separate your head from your heart, your mind from your soul. Typically, cis-gendered folx in power cut off, suppress or repress their relational and receptive energies. Hence, a large shadow of ‘my way or the highway’, ‘it’s my house’ or ‘Our goal is to make Barack Obama a one-term president’ (obstructionism as a governing tool) is formed. The Declaration of Independence enacted on July 4, 1776 is 4/5, Emperor/Hierophant. 7+ 4+1+7+7+6=32/5. Our nation won’t be right until every family has its needs met (Cancer Sun). Look how we treated the indigenous folx in our early stages. African slaves were also subject to religious restrictions (The Hierophant) while the state sanctioned (The Emperor) their disenfranchisement. Our 246 year old nation is just now reaching a tipping point to reflect consciously enough to act upon the karma formed through tracing the lines between slavery, slave patrols, Jim Crow, redlining and police brutality. Why Consider Identity In Your Spiritual Work? Beyonce was born September 4, 1981. 9+4+1+9+8+1=32/5 or 1994/23/5. This performer/artist/executive producer has the Power Date of a 4 and a Birth Path of a 5. She has The Emperor and Hierophant at her bee-hive’s beckon call! Feel how differently these energies move with the openhearted BIPOC female artist versus a cis-gendered white male with an undisclosed inheritance. Her husband, Jay-Z, born December 4, 1969. 1+2+4+1+9+6+9=32/5 or 3+4+7=14/5. He has an Emperor Power Date with the Hierophant Birth Path. He has male, cis-gendered and class privilege. This male privilege allowed him to work with the NFL in a less than savory way regarding Colin Kapernick and player protests. He has been open about being the son of a lesbian mother. Their daughter Blue Ivy (IV), you think they don’t know how the number four works? You’d be wrong. January 7 2012 born. 1+7+2+0+1+2=13/4. It’s rumored that the four represents Beyonce’s four octave range, but the numbers and her mother’s range are not mutually exclusive, ok? This is why when I work, I almost always include identity. Feel the difference between the artists, BIPOC and women, just within the Carter family alone. Realize the nuances between Beyonce and Jay-Z. Her ‘Girls Rule the World’ to ‘Lemonade’ to his alleged lack of faithfulness to their marriage vows. Our souls are complicated. Growth occurs in the grey areas where nuance exists. When we talk about Neptune, Hanged Man or the Moon, you can count on a clear ‘black and white’ issue to become grey. Seeing through the eyes of The Hierophant whose beliefs live in sync with The High Priestess any gender or identity comes from compassion and acceptance. There are healthy Emperors, few and far in between, but they do exist. Former President Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961. 8+4+1+9+6+1=29/11; 1973=20 or 8+4+8=20 (with the master numbers of 11, 22, 33 there’s additional steps. In Mr. Obama’s case, the master number is derived only once, so he is a 20, not an 11). The Power Date of a Four/The Emperor is indicated. He is known for being a good father. The masculine/yang energy no matter which genders in which it presents demonstrates its strength through following through on what is promised. Being a role model, showing up when commitments are made and setting boundaries on actions that may be harmful or perceived as such, these are some of the trademarks of an integrated Emperor. Emperors must have an ability to tap into their receptive sides. As the I Ching says, ‘to rule is to serve’. Power and systems derived from such, serve through listening to partners, family members, coworkers and by extension, the people. Usually, the evenness and reflective qualities of the Two are involved. The High Priestess lives within the mysteries of living and balancing judgement/severity with mercy/compassion. The Judgement 20/2 seeks to live through a long arc of history, eras, aeons of time to make decisions that will leave a legacy one’s soul, family and ancestors will be indeed proud. While The High Priestess hopefully will make the time for inner contemplation, Judgement must choose to study what and who has come before. In the judicial system, we call this stare decisis, a legal principle of adhering to the rule of law from previous judgements. Even with our federal courts stacked with conservative judges, there is an indoctrinating process of becoming a lawyer. Fanatical non-lawyers will be surprised by decisions made by these judges as they follow stare decisis. Joe Biden, Jr. is someone in popular culture whose numbers align with The Judgment card twice. Born November 20, 1942. His Power Date is a 20/2 and 11+20+1+9+4+2=29/11/2 remember the extra step for master numbers 1+1+2+0+1+9+4+2=20 or 1973=20, so he’s like Barack Obama, not a master number 11, but a 20/2 birth path. As a Scorpio, he knows loss, personal and professional. The large picture historian that all Judgements aspire to can serve our country well on our road to healing and redemption. He was born on a Venus Star (Sun/Venus/Earth) alignment. This means his place of creating working teams is to do profound diplomatic work and healing of a fractured and dysfunctional system. In the Rider Waite deck, Judgement is depicted with Gabriel’s horn and folx being reborn (getting out of their coffins). The unity between soul and ego has occurred. The light of spirit has been turned on and can no longer be ignored or turned off. Yes, a shadow side of The Judgement is following precedents that no longer apply in the present or future. Being on the wrong side of history can occur out of a complacency, a lack of understanding of our collective history. It can also occur when The Judgement wilfully ignores the pain or cries of others because it’s ‘hard’ or ‘they want to go along to get along’. For those individuals influenced by The Judgement to be most effective they must live from a consciousness of risking being a ‘group of one’. Actually, they are never alone because they have their soul or ‘higher self’ as a guide. And, ya know, wherever two or three are gathered in my name (or any higher entities’ energy), they are there two. Could The Judgement card be a progenitor of the original non-binary person? Currently, we are locked in a partisan battle between blue and red states. The Hierophant looms large whenever there is little to no receptivity to other perspectives. The ‘culture wars’, including but not limited to, Black Lives Matter, American First, antifa, domestic terrorism, Boogaloo Bois, BIPOC (Black, Indigneous People of Color) and let’s remember the tone deaf ‘All Lives Matter’ or ‘Blue Lives Matter’, these are sourced in The Hierophant. In order to create a systemically racist system a combination of The Emperor and Hierophant are very necessary (along with capitalism). The Heart Rules: The Lovers It is through the following major secret number six (VI), The Lovers, that our hearts are chosen over our heads. That’s one reason why The Heart’s Compass is an important work for these evolutionary times we find ourselves in. The power of The Lovers comes from the heart. In Sanskrit the heart center is called ‘anahata’ which translates into ‘unstruck’ or ‘unwounded’. Once we realize our integrated Emperor and Hierophant through acknowledging the equal The High Priestess and Empress in our heart centers, we can literally make the world a better place beginning with and within ourselves. These illusions of separations from our source of interconnectedness demand that we contemplate what our souls desire for healing and our shared evolution. In essence, The Lovers (VI) act as a protective immunity of sorts when groups such as Black Lives Matter protest together. It is as if these folx enter into an ‘upper room’ where spirit is channeled. This higher vision aids in mutual understanding through love. Don’t get it twisted, masks are still necessary as any good Liberation Theologist will tell you, we still live in the physical world rules of its own. Or as the Sufi say, ‘pray to Allah, but tie up your camel’. Love and innate caution are not mutually exclusive. Transcendence means we get ‘beyond’ this separtness fostered by the immature ego. It is through the open-heartedness of The Lovers. Love in all its forms binds, includes and heals. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. born January 15, 1929. 1+1+5+1+9+2+9=28/10/1. His Power Date is 15/6. He worked with the shadow side (15th secret is The Devil) to bring more light into the world, The Lovers. His Birth Path, although a 1, indicates a warrior’s drive for the power of love. A speaker of love (Magician/1 & Lovers/6). All 15’s are a combination of Magician (1), Hierophant (5) and Lovers (6)…on the higher older soul side. I hope that there will be The Lovers vision of transforming capitalist structures of Amazon through Jeff Bezos January 12, 1964 or 1+1+2+1+9+6+4=1+9+6+8=24/6 or 1+3+2=6 The Lovers. Realize that as a Capricorn, this energy of keeping score through status and wealth may suppress (or snuff off) the spiritual fire of the heart chakra for materialistic concerns. However, with the rising of the transparent and community driven Aquarian Age, no one is immune to our collective hearts’ evolution. The Lovers’ as a Birth Path along with a Spiritual Hanged Man & Joyous Empress 12/3 as Mr. Bezos’ Power Date, may the Heart’s Compass Tarot move our evolution as a collective that shares information, resources and love. A shift in direction from instinctive root and tribal separation to join with our higher vision from our crown centers within the spacious areas of our hearts. There is room for every being in our heart centers. Neptune and The Hanged Man Our world has been turned upside down like the symbol The Hanged Man. With a global pandemic, economic uncertainty like the Great Depression and the ongoing fight for social justice, racial and economic equality, we must begin to see life with new eyes. Whenever surrendering is the only option, the Hanged Man appears. To look at life from a spiritual perspective. Our collective ego or identities no longer have the answers. Maybe, just maybe, we have to begin asking different questions from different sources. Life in suspension conjures up the secrets of The Hanged Man. Our confusion can also occur because we do not like our options. The Hanged Man requires that we look within. That we pause and contemplate the nature of our shared reality. The sign outside of the studio where ‘We Are The World’ was recorded said ‘Leave Your Ego Outside of the Door’. The Hanged Man believes that the ego when disconnected from the oneness of the soul or higher self cannot create a unified vision. Those who take an anti-Black Lives Matter through substituting the word ‘Black’ with anything else ‘White’, ‘Blue’, ‘All’ or now from Texas ‘Bar’ will continue to self-destruct. ‘Without vision, the people will perish’…not having any concern for those in your immediate environment will hasten this process. What if love for humanity and being against inequities offers a protection, an energetic immunity? Neptune represents life in a place of limbo. This God of the Oceans is often associated with ruling the sign of Pisces, mutable and watery. Of the three water signs, Pisces (the fishes) is in constant contact with its element. Water, as an unconscious symbol, binds us as one. How does the mystic live in the physical world? How can our spirits be willing, yet our flesh weak? How can we be in the world, but not of the world? How in the present world we can have liberated souls, yet take political action? Does the fervent love and open heartedness of those who peacefully protest act as an energetic immunity? Time will tell if there is a corresponding spike in BLM protesters and the ‘Bar Lives Matter’ of Texan origins. Our American Democracy and The US House of Representatives kneeling in kente cloth, talk about a confusing symbol…part inspirational, showy and really? Look at the depth of Pelosi’s red clothing and how she had to take her time to kneel (She’s 80 years old). Could they have demonstrated their (alleged) unity better than that? These are Hanged Man symbols. The conscious surrender and sacrifice, be that wearing a mask or educating yet another racist Karen or Kenny, offering a protective sieve on your heart. Through these kind and random acts, I choose to believe we will continue to see a lack of COVID 19 ‘hot spots’, while selfishly going out without a mask will keep you mired in fear (control) which does not shield the heart, it wounds it even further.

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