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Numbers, Stars & Cards: Sagittarius Paying It Forward (PIF) Ones

Numbers---your date of birth.

Stars/Planetary Connections common to All Sagittarius folx:

Jupiter runs yourSelf.

Mercury makes your relationship.

Neptune and Jupiter harbor the development of your soul.

Mercury and Ceres greet you at work

Paying It Forward (PIF) combines all three through using powerful Tarot Symbolism.

Let's begin with Sagittarius PIF Ones

Sagittarius Paying It Forward (PIF) Ones (November 28, December 1, 10, 19): As a Sagittarius PIF One, your sun sign drives your spirit between thinking of what others need from you and what you must do for yourself. The PIF paths in Numerology and Tarot accentuates your individuality first along with your broad philosophical leanings. Get to integrate the two and you'll be the star wherever you find yourself. But when you begin to believe everything you utter as a gospel truth, you become uninvited to most parties, 'too intense, full of crap and nonsense'. As with every fire sign, you know you create your own reality, so it's up to you. Star power or repel us at will? When you are not integrated you will find yourself in a cycle looping between going from one extreme to the next. Having no anchor, you will do anything to be accepted or to get a following. Quantity does not automatically equal quality. However, when you communicate and discuss your intentions around expansion, you become a pioneer.

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become and Paying It Forward (PIF) with :

The Bon Vivant aka The Wheel of Fortune: Sagittarius caan create prosperity through showing their passions to everyone who’ll even look like they’re interested. Gifted with intuitive vision aka clairvoyance, you perceive possibilities almost all the time. You look prosperous, even if you have to 'clean up well' to do it. You find that people want to help you because you seem so, so, full of life, full of spirit. If you feel thwarted in your life's progress, it is almost too easy to numb the pain through excesses of all sorts. Check your anger and frustration at life's difficulties first before your story becomes more cautionary than truly aspirational.

The Magician posing and performing the role of closest ally. You're up for anything, flexible and desperately needing a mentally strong partner(s). Yours is a fire by friction, inciting debate livens not only your spirit but the relationship as well. Your ability to sense where there are flaws can become legendary. When you’ve confronted most of your fears and shadows, you excel at inspiring others to listen to your vision. The horse (lower) side of you may argue all sides of the issue simply to hear yourself talk, leaving us with the impression that you're an opportunist at worst or an (in)sufferable windbag at best, harmless. Moderation means integrating judgement with mercy.

The Chariot thriving on alternative personas from your soul. Possessing an adventurou and fluid identity, you play roles in social settings. As such, there’s a hermit side to you no matter what gender you express. You move between being exceptionally extroverted to needing to hide out from the world. Unless there has been real damage early on in childhood, these are not manic expressions of mood, just realization of privacy needs. You wear a shell to keep the vulnerable you protected. Guards up can indicate an isolated existence.

The Sun 5hat gets things done. No burning sunlight in your daily world. You serve as the Big Shot in your community. You sprout plans with a certainty that attracts supporters and allies. Your image of a role model based upon integrity and maturity, helps others live closer to their moral compass. You light up the world around you through being true to yourself. When taken to its logical conclusion, you give up the job for a career, the career for a vocation. You see you are meant to play a large role, based on your discipline, focus and charismatic manner.

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