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PBS American Portrait: A National Storytelling Project: When I Step Outside My Door…#3

I was recommended in late fall to early winter, 2019-20 by a client who has become a life coach about this PBS project. PBS sent over a number of prompting sentences from which to choose. You could choose two of the sentences. This is the Second one I recorded, but the third one to be to added to My American Story.

My mother (former professor) often talks about the West African griots and how important these storytellers were in the antebellum South. They remembered the blood lines (which was extremely important to this peculiar institution that separated families). She says our family is from this lineage (many Black folx families are). Who doesn’t have a family scholar at their cookouts?

When I step outside my door… Voila, I was asked to complete this sentence. I recorded the video. A day’s work is for me includes in serving my community through being an astrologer and life coach. Enjoy!

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