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PBS American Portrait: A National Storytelling Project: When This Is Over…#4

I was recommended in late fall to early winter, 2019-20 by a client who has become a life coach about this PBS project. PBS sent over a number of prompting sentences from which to choose. You could choose two of the sentences. This is the Fourth one I recorded on April 21, 2020.

Griots and storytelling, that’s a lineage of mine. Grandmother, mother and partner have all been teachers or professors. 

The ‘this’ in ‘When This Is Over’ centers on questions about COVID-19. With my favorite (and only son) living in Harlem, of course, I am personally concerned for all folx who live in cities where social distancing can be very challenging. 

I’ll let the video do the talking.

When this is over… Voila, I was asked to complete this sentence. I recorded the video.

A recap of the four videos:

A day’s work is for me includes in serving my community through being an astrologer and life coach…

You don’t know what it’s like with the intersectionality of being Black, gay and poor…

When I step outside I pause each morning for the wildflowers in my yard…

I hope we can put aside our hyper individualism. And, these myths of ‘bootstraps’ and ‘I build this’. Nothing ever gets done on a large scale without the aid of those around us. Horatio Alger and the American Dream are delusional for large swaths of American Citizens. Just as the South wants to parade a myth that the Confederate Flag stands for ‘history’, ‘heritage’ or ‘family’, who’d want to exalt a war that was fought to keep in bondage?

So, it ain’t over.

Astrological historical context Pluto (hidden/taboo/secrets/plutocrats) takes approximately 250 years to travel the solar system. America is 246 years old. Our repressive energies around wealth (inter generational and personal) is so rampant that we whisper about money. To tax is to be socialist. I won’t elaborate here except to say Pluto (transformer of root causes and collective motivations) returns to the USA’s chart in 2022. We have begun the reckoning of what it means to keep people as chattel property. Ta’haesi Coates is a primer for this discussion.

The Civil War (the hot one, we in a cold one now, watch out Missouri and Kansas…it was the Dred Scott SCOTUS of 1857) began before April 12, 1861. 

Talk about delusional storytelling and myths, Neptune is often the culprit. Discovered in 1846, the planet of forgiveness and oneness can also be twisted to create unrealistic expectations which can cause enormous suffering. The USA’s ‘nanny/mammy’ energy, Ceres, is stationary and in Neptune ruled Pisces on July 4, 1776. Neptune takes 165 years to trek around our solar system. Therefore, along with Pluto breaking down our governmental systems, laws and polices (I say we figure out a way to change the US Constitution beyond the 13th Amendment, that 3/5 of a person has got to go), Neptune is returning to where he was at the outbreak of the Civil War. Like Gotham City, ‘this town (or country) needs an enema’! We can begin through telling the historical facts…there is no valor to be had in fighting to keep a people in slavery (period)

Check this out:

My American Story is ongoing. I would not have thought we would be here in the 21st century. As some want to go back to pre-civil rights or worst, pre-civil war, know this: Spirit intervenes in direct proportion to your resistance to it. 

Uranus awakens and shatters (84 years cycle) FDR’s New Deal & Redlining by bank that created more inequities toward the descendants of slaves (DOS). We must shatter our root assumptions about all races and their treatment by this young nation. Hyper individualism, ICYMI, breeds greed which brings self-destruction…can you say rebels without a cause (not wearing masks) or COVID parties?

Neptune dissolves the hardened hearts. As you can see, the heart takes longer to open.

Pluto brings it on home through reflecting your shadows in your everyday world. If you are not looking at the internal biases that you harbor and/or nurse, you are not doing your work of showing up as an anti-racist ally. The least you can do is nothing. The beginning of what you can do is listen, reflect and reframe. 

As I presented at the Queer Astrology Conference on Saturn (past) and Uranus (future), a hope of mine emanates from Audre Lorde (RIP), Alicia Garza (Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter) and Mikhail Gorbachev (former Russian PM). Each of these souls has a deciding consciousness to challenge the status quo, structures that have long outlived their usefulness.

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