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Saturn & Jupiter: Karma & Privilege

Basic level Saturn represents your karma. The intensity of identity, class, race, gender, sexuality and any other alleged immutable characteristics. Jupiter holds up your sense of entitlement, where more is better, privilege, the social resources we often take for granted. As a male, I rarely concern myself about going out at night. Sure, I am usually aware of police sirens and speed traps, but that’s the intensity of being Black in White Supremist America. Saturn as marginalized and oppressive. Jupiter, male and an attorney, underscores my privilege. This upcoming conjunction in Aquarius demands an elevated consciousness. As the Water Bearer, this human sign of concentrated air (mental intelligence) requires that we grow up. We must mediate between our childish egos constantly seeking attention and recognition, integrate our immediate needs into a healthy conscience to maturely participate in our chosen communities. The steadiness in which Aquarius acts from their principles becomes a role model for all humans. Air signs are here to teach each of us to tell the truth. The mediation between contracting Saturn and expanding Jupiter in Aquarius gives each Libra, Gemini and Aquarius a head start in the truth telling business. Happening in their first state, Aquarius has new beginnings written all of them. Saturn may delay their processes of self-expression, but only in direct proportion to poor or non-existent planning. Spontaneity is one thing, however, no full on improvisation allowed. Use your social networker judiciously, Water Bearer. Realize your willingness to sacrifice may not be desire. You’ll have to show that your visions can be practical, too. Arguing over the principle of the matter will not always work. We’ll remember your intensity and forget your vision. Libra has an inanimate object (the scales) within the circle of animals, will behave as our fun director. Love will be tested through Saturn in Aquarius along with our will to power. Say what? The Venus ruled children can shift from logic to feeling relatively quickly (well, each of the air signs possess this ability, which can strike up suspicions in the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).. Love or respect? Union or fear? Jupiter can demonstrate to this adaptable air sign each possibility in every moment of life. Although Libra is a sign of de facto mediation, it is Gemini that can shine as our ethicist during this 20 year cycle of Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius. It is the thought of thought while encouraging open communication based on a presumption of unifying people and our ideals. When in gray (but still legal) areas, consult the scale bearer. They have the courage to speak truth without regard for their audience’s responses (potential or actual). Water signs are collectively oriented as are the air signs, but from a feeling perspective. Empaths are usually found in the soulful signs of Cancer, Scopio and Pisces. Aquarius contains water to dispense at its discretion. Pisces is the sign of unfinished business. In some dimensions, it is thought that simply being physical is a sign that you have work to do, otherwise you wouldn’t have incarnated. It’s important for the fishes to not overcommit to things that they really don’t want to do. These next couple of years can be good for you to overcome a tendency to study how you attach and detach. Cancer you have a quirky attraction to Aquarius energies. Saturn can cause feelings of abandonment to bubble up to the surface, while Jupiter charges ahead ignoring any red flags to commitment of time, money, sex. Imagine each relationship is like a private-public partnership…everyone does not need to know everything about you or what you’re doing with others. It is okay to have (and cultivate) separate friendship groups. Ethical arrangements mean you remember truth. Truth gives you less to remember than lies. Scorpio, know that Aquarius is one of your most challenging signs. You cannot goad this fixed air sign into reacting emotionally. Saturn states that you use your leftover emotional energies in feeding the homeless, creating healthy family relationships or giving up past patterns of accepting stigmas (we don’t see these wounds, but we can feel them). Jupiter in Aquarius asks you to reframe early childhood traumas. Non-attachment to outcomes makes for a more chilled future, no matter what happens beyond your personal (and interpersonal) controls. Fire is a fire does…aka ‘action speaks louder than words’. Aries is a sibling sign to Aquarius, both independent and transparent. Thinking before you act can make all the difference between keeping your friendship group and expanding your network and being given a scarlett ‘A’ aka getting ‘canceled’. Saturn sets up your community organizing and building with reverent, even religious overtones. He may limit the number of friends (or be of a mature/certain age). Fewer, but deeper, something that Aquarius can sometimes take for granted, as all fire signs can sometimes think in terms of quantity, not quality. Saturn don’t play that. Leo sits prettily on the opposite side of the astrological wheel from Aquarius. Heartfelt participation and a negotiated shared commitment, that’s Saturn speak. Taking risks based on trust and faith, that’s Jupiter speak. Realize you can have an abundance of new folx in your social circle and operate from a sense of duty. The trick is to use your sunny disposition to clearly let us know what you’re down for, and what you are not. Let your rules rule as your inclusive vision transforms what peers add to your life. Aquarius is loyal to truth, let it in. Sagittarius with your ruler Jupiter in Aquarius you have all the makings of an expansive narrative of ‘why not?’ I call it the St. Augustine rule ‘do what thou whilst, and harm none’. Or make like a doctor and ‘do no harm’. That begins with yourself. Saturn may have your optimism placed on hold, but that’s to make sure you gather some facts as you consider imagining ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ To think that the ‘past is prologue’ is a Saturn in Aquarius plot. However, your abundant fires can improvise out of this way of thinking. Keep a handy Cap or Virgo around to keep you close to the ground. Earth element of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo will use the ideals of Aquarius to reform what’s possible for us earthlings to create if we’d just cooperate with each other. Yes, a maturing is happening whether we like it or not. There are three challenging aspects between Saturn (past) and Uranus (future) in 2021 (Feb 17, June 14 & Dec 24). Jupiter brings the vision of ‘what’s possible’?, an opening of our collective (and individual) third eye. Capricorn, you realize that physical resources are finite, but our ingenuity is not. Aquarius opens your pragmatist in reforming, if not revolutionary ways. You’re often not seen as having vision. That is not true, you’re simply shy and cautious to reveal too much to those who can’t keep up. You have novel thinking when encouraged. Jupiter imbues your soul with the discernment of when, what and how to communicate how our world can improve. Saturn makes sure you have a plan (and a ‘to do’ list). Taurus, like Scorpio you are a survivalist. Aquarius takes you out of the singularly focus on your resources. You move from ‘I have’ or the ‘me-mine-my’ of a toddler to an urbane soul on the planet, share and share alike. Well, see yourself on a spectrum to what you’re willing to share and what you are not. But, know this, Saturn is setting you up in the next three years to take your place as an authority amongst your peers/colleagues. You’d want to create the connections now, so you’ll know whose gonna help you build future communities (and whose blowing smoke up your ass—a Jupiter trait). Virgo, you love the quirky big picture energy of concentrated air Aquarius. You feel comfort in their ability to keep up with your exacting precise nature. Being able to see your pragmatic dreams come into manifestation can be orgasmic. Jupiter in Aquarius opens up your network to get things done. Saturn accentuates your attention to detail. He helps with organization so you know when to work, to serve and when not to work or to serve. No more enabling for you.

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