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Soul to Ego: Light to Dark: Gemini New Moon

Gotta love our Humpty Dumpty Gemini New Moon to fall on a Venus Friday. Love rules (period)

Fear will have you regressing and caught in seemingly medieval dilemmas. Hello 1%.

It’s what you’re living for…heaven on earth. Bebe/Cece Winans lyrics (popular gospel family from Detroit). Heaven is a place where love never ends…like wearing a mask in public to care enough to not infect others.

Gemini New Moon teaches us that we are responsible for our brothers and sisters.

Let’s act from loving kindness. Communicate from a focused ego (3rd Chakra) elevated to the heart (4th Chakra).

Goddess of Love is making her shift from Evening Star to Morning Star on June 3. This underworldly Venus brings us many needs for love. She teaches us not to judge. Like her pause to look like she is traveling backwards is a symbol to inwardly analyze what and who brings you full Monty of appreciation.

She walks with inquisitive Mercury. Ask those questions from an objective perspective to those with whom you disagree. Pause on the judgements (yes, I added an ‘e’ to judgment). This ‘e’ represents an energy to NOT judge.

Use the current connection between Neptune in Pisces and homefire Vesta (of vestal virgin fame) connecting to Venus to decide how to sacrifice your personal values (and love) to something or someone higher (like simply wearing a mask when in public). Where can you tell a story of how you want to be heard as well as hearing others? It’s OK to obsess a bit on where you want to offer your soul/love and where you do not. Imagine that ‘sheltering in place’ is the universe placing all of us in a monastery or convent. How would you act if you did not have familiar, monetary or physical concerns? How would you live if your life was entirely focused upon higher ideals, aims, etc.? How can you find a balance between heavenly/higher and earthly/lower without judgement?

Instead of thinking you’re an old soul, how about just acting as a mature one?

Chinese Animal Alerts:

Rat/Dragon/Monkey: these next couple of months follow through on what you say or stay silent. Be guarded around those you’ve just met.

Ox/Snake/Rooster: Continue helping those folx closest to you as it is karma, know that goodwill is an asset…and, so is brand building. Time taken to build your world looks good on you.

Tiger/Horse/Dog: Give freely or don’t give at all. This can include speaking higher truths to power ala infant in the fable ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’…diplomatically, of course.

Rabbit/Sheep/Pig: You have many gifts that this summer must be shared judiciously. Coach others on how to speak truths kindly (and eat well).

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