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Sunday as Fun Day

Full Moon in Aquarius Tuesday August 1 at 1.32pm CDT. Leo & Aquarius represent participation axis. The individual effort integrates into team or community effort.

Our first community is our family. Many Aquarians felt as if they were adopted. As well as sensing that their main job is questioning authority. Leo reminds these big brained folx to have a heart. Letting the sunshine in---as it were---Leo shines like their guardian angel aka 'ruler' the Sun. These two signs teach us how to balance the head and heart--ego and soul.

To have a perfect love affair you choose to let go of the ideal of perfection physically manifesting. Perfection is an ideal. Ideals exist in our minds. Leo in its mantra of 'I will'---remains focused upon "loving the one you're with" now. Ya see our Leonine hearts overlooks and simultaneously integrates flaws into our story. Aquarius can become fixated upon an ideal pairing and miss the love being offered in the moment.

With Harmony, Love & Joyful Venus in Leo until early October---she asks you stay and revisit your heart's vulnerable feelings--especially while she retrogrades till Sept 3. Imagine your heart is like a meal that needs a palate cleanser.

For more info---reach out here. Know where your personal passions reside? There's a new Venus Star Point on Sunday August 13---how will it affect you and yours?

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