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The ‘Talk’ Part Two

Let’s give this a second go around. As a Black person in this country, I had the ‘Talk’ and I’ve given the ‘Talk’. This Talk is about how to be your most humble, code switching, church going self when pulled over by the Police (did ya know the protection of property began with slave patrols?) All children, no matter how they look or identify need this ‘Talk”. Last week I wrote about the ‘whore-madonna’ split and Senator Harris. Lots of response! When I mentioned the differences between racism and white supremacy (which was about the ‘Talk’), very little response. As uncomfortable as these discussion are (I tried to not weigh in using this medium, I have read too many ‘America’s not racist’ or ‘I’m not racist’ posts.) Your individual feelings about Blacks, Indigenous & People of Color while providing proverbial grist for your evolutionary mill, do not matter as long as the Kyle Rittenhouses, US Senate and Police literally get away with murder or fetishized by white supremacists. Policy matters. Speaking up matters. Reading matters. Yes, hearts must transform. I meditate. I love the yogi principle of ‘Santosha’ (loosely translates as ‘contentment’. The spiritual world and physical world are one world, I live that. However, I know that wealth inequities are real. A major part of BIPOC having less intergenerational wealth is because of redlining of the 1930’s. Restrictive covenants were not illegal until 1948. Offers a whole different meaning to ‘No taxation without representation’, yes? Where is the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) now? We. Are. A. Selfish. People. I feel a backsliding going on. But, if our children are not taught early about social and wealth inequalities, to share when and where they can, and then empathesize, we are destined to repeat (or at the very least, rhyme) the same white supremacist history upon which our not so perfect union was founded on…and continues today with a White Supremacist President. I hold these truths to be self-evident, when you’re being brutally and profoundly honest.

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