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Twos Abound---2/22/2022

360/2=180---called an 'opposition' in modern Astrology. In Astrolit (a 10 hour course beginning March 9) it will be called a 'compliment'. Two represents the harmonic fields created after conflict. Almost all conflict is built upon our ego's attachment to a singular, not unified, reality.

Our complimentary signs sit 180 degrees (or a two harmonic) from our Sun sign. Wanna know who'll reflect your solar (ego) shadow? It's your opposite (oops, but they compliment you in the circle of animals aka zodiac sign).

The non-binary complimentary energies are :

Aries ♈️---Libra ♎️

Taurus ♉️---Scorpio ♏️

Gemini ♊️---Sagittarius ♐️

Cancer♋️---Capricorn ♑️

Leo ♌️---Aquarius ♒️

Virgo ♍️---Pisces ♓️


It is important to know through your feelings and self-contemplations how your Two/180 degrees away from you can save you lots of shadowy blame and guilt. Twos must balance Masculine Mars (Tuesday's guardian) with Value Loving Venus who reciprocated (yin/feminine).

Observe and study these signs & you'll feel your wholeness in ways you've barely imagined. Become your greatest Cosmic Dancer though moving time & space aware of your 'compliment'. There are no oppositions when you come from your soul's perspective.

Wholeness is a pillar powered by Our Raw Material. For more contemplation go


The following images are the Twos in the Tarot Deck. Personal, interpersonal & transpersonal reflections---The High Priestess, Justice & Aeon (Judgement)

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