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Love Made Whole & Mature--Morning Star Venus in Capricorn

On Saturn’s day Lovely Venus aligns with the Sun in Daddy Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn. Venus whispers ‘Grow up’. Saturn grimaces and responds ‘I’m growing within’ There’s a regression afoot. As the Goddess of Love moves from shining brightly in the evening skies, she (in human male body according to the Mayans) mates with the souls of the dead. Of course, the male energy would break his vow of chastity taken on Sunday, December 19 when the Loving Venus turned around to appear to move backwards.

This bridge between light and dark, masculine and feminine, must be traversed. Redemption, remorse, regret and reevaluating, those same re-prefixes apply in all retrograde motions of planets, not just Mercury, ok? Venus loves to retrace her steps. And, the fact that bridge maker Chiron went direct on the same day that Venus went retrograde indicates there are wounds to be healed. Aries wounds. Capricorn wounds. Victim? Warrior? Elder? Business or Pleasure? How many mafia movies does the character say--’it’s business, it’s not personal’? I call a hot steaming mound of bullshit.

These days that Venus is traveling with the Sun, close to the Earth and moving fast--She is dark, in need (or heat) and must be put to sleep. You can feel you’re have the proverbial ‘dark night of soul’. However, if you look your shadows in the eye, you can reap a whirlwind of gifts once Joyful Venus goes direct on January 29. The seven ‘deadly’ sins according to Roman Catholic theology are pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. This mating of a retrograde Venus in her male body (allusions to Christ being the ‘son of man’) with these souls of the dead (unawakened beings) usually births envy. Dressed in forest green, envy is sourced whenever you compare and contrast yourself with another being.

Venus desires to bring equilibrium and create harmonic states. There’s only unity. After nine months (March 26, 2021 to be exact) of Her Evening Star phase and Her last retrograde cycle on May 13, 2020, we have been called to not only grow up, but to grow within. The bridge between our ego development (which creates those seven sins) and our souls' innate interconnectedness is where our Wholeness lights up each of us. Check our week 7 (Values & Ideals) and 12 (Wholeness) of Our Raw Material for more information. There is no denying that you co-create your reality. Thoughts are things---blah, blah, blah.

Realize that Chiron and the Moon are both in Aries as Venus/Sun/Earth align in Capricorn. These two signs have a strong relationship to Mars, our Cosmic Penis. Count on Mars (unconcerned with loving Venus) to dominate, penetrate, assault. After all he was known as the ‘God of War’. Whether all is fair in love and war---know this: Capricorn thrives on everyone getting their just desserts. Elder Capricorn shares the fruits of their storage. It is an initiating physical earth sign. Venus in this sign may not be for PDA (Public Displays of Affection), but within the home or in private (thank the complementary sign of Cancer)--it’s on. Touchy, feely and horny (Capricorn the goat, satyr), you get my point, yes?

As you heal your wounds of existing separately and the loneliness that ensues from it, you begin to open your heart. Aries says ‘you only have this present moment, yes?’. Capricorn responds with ‘do you want to live a life with less to no regrets, eh?’ Politics make for strange bedfellows, so does a retrograde Venus. To ask for redemption, you have to risk going against the rules of behavior. At the end of your life (remember She’s in the underworld until January 14 where She’ll be seen in the eastern skies at sunrise), you’ll focus on the love received, lost or rejected. It'll all be about the pleasure given and accepted, not the business of the bank account or work. Sigh.

So, what truly matters? What are you willing to fight for? What uniqueness have you been suppressing? What fantasies have been boiling over within your soul? Mars (action) is in a square (challenging) aspect to Neptune from Jupiter ruled signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. If you do not aspire to become a more ethical and honest person, Venus will out your indiscretions. Shocking, yes? It’s not about making you suffer, it’s about living from a mature and authentic space. If you’re hiding something, then guilt and shame are the usual suspects. Allow the Sun’s light to be your soul’s disinfectant. Leave the whole concept of ‘original sin’ behind. All feelings are valid.

This Venus cycle at the 19 degree of Capricorn has the Sabian Symbol of ‘A Child of about five carrying a huge shopping bag filled with groceries’. Our pure and innocent self has taken on adult responsibilities. Are you carrying the ‘bag’? Have you been overgiving out of a sense of duty and obligation? Time to use our Mars (toddler/childlike) energies in healthy and compassionate ways. Too much Venus (especially since last spring) can engage your codependency in all relationships. Find and live the equilibrium between childlike wonder and adult realism. Resist the temptation to hide your realism under a ‘sophisticated’ cynicism.

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