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Watch “Full Moon in Leo: Rise & Shine in Your Chosen Communities” on YouTube

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The God-Dess Who Would Strike

Ceres at Work One of my first memories was of my grandmother's hands---knotted knuckles from rheumatoid arthritis. She took Anacin (aspirin) for the pain and inflammation. She passed out her wisdom as

April Fool's Day--Use Your Personal Power Wisely

Fourth month in a five year equals nine---a power humanitarian number. In Feng Shui Numbers nine represents Mars and humanitarian aid, reputation and fame. Whatever, right? Well, no. When in the inner

Hello Aquarius: Our Cosmic Social Worker

A breath of fresh air…know your history, so we can create a better collective future. Hold your feelings (Water Bearer) lest you become fanatical. Mars/Uranus in Taurus indicates potential explosions