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The sign of the twins.? Mercury and thrice Hermes ruled.? Hands.? Curiosity.? Alice. Wonderland.

Light increases to the point where we all be insomniacs, the potential to become that, for sure.

We are on our way to the longest day of the year.

Twin energies indicate that we all mentally integrate our shadows.? What is splintered and repressed shows up in our relationships?in Gemini, these mirrors can occur randomly in neighbors, siblings, road rage and folk we see routinely, however, now they trigger a more assertive response, even an aggressive one.

In Gemini, thoughts in of themselves are amoral.? To think is to become.? I think, therefore I am.? You know these drills.? It is action that matters.

Tip One:? Know your mind; know your tone.? Gemini is a call and response mental energy.? When stressed, sarcasm, passive aggressive silent treatment and meanness under the guise of ?gaslighting? can be their ?go-to?.? ?Better to employ an old-school R&B vibe if you want to keep your relationship for the long haul.? I?m thinking a ?Stop the love you save may be your own?.? Motown Jackson 5 or Marvin Gaye will usually work. ?Rocket Launcher Mars is in Gemini until June 4, 2017.? After this date, Tip two helps.

Tip Two:? When it?s love that your heart wants, soften.? Warrior women who can bring home their own bacon, listen up, no one wants to be reminded that you can.? Venus finishes up her trek in Aries late in eve on June 5.? Most of this year has been a ?hurry up and wait? in love construction and renovation.? Once the love planets (Venus & Mars) are in security driven signs of Taurus and Cancer, we all can remember what our closest other?s touch feels like and how much it helps and softens our souls.

Tip Three:? Merge our minds and hearts through true vision.??As a dualistic air sign, Gemini time of year carries a lot of responsibility that it would rather not carry.? Therefore, learning how to live the difference between responsibility and accountability comes home to roost the week of June 5 -12.? Helping each of us is Jupiter moving direct in Libra, offering us new visions on how to mend our relationships.? Cooperation is key and keen.? Mercury moving in Gemini gives his own brand of intellectual investigation about how to mend the last two months of missteps.

Tip Four:? Focus upon what is possible while silencing your inner critic.??Suppressing your critical mind is ok, repression is not cool.? Resist the temptation to say ?no? to your dreams.? Locate and speak with your favorite muse.? There are nine muses in Greek mythology.? Personally, I like Urania, muse of astronomy and astrology, she is of the ?stars?.? Go along, saddle up to yours.

Tip Five:? Letting inexperience stopping you to stay in caution mode is ill-advised.??Go after those birds in the bushes while knowing you might lose the stone.? It is not a better ?the devil you know? time.? Dive deep into what you do.? Bored?? Then, dive deeper into what lights up your soul.? We are in a double warrior Venus Star.? That is Passion Squared.? Passion, like charity, begins at home.? Your home is your soul.

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