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An Anatomy of this Mercury Retrograde Motion Through Capricorn & Sagittarius Dec 13 - Jan 1, 2024

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

As a symbol Mercury contains three parts. The cross of matter is under (or topped by--according to a trans gaze & language) the circle of infinity which is under (sub to) the crescent moon. The Moon waxes (increases in light) and dominates this symbol. So, our awareness of our feelings is central to understanding any Mercury energies. These three separate symbols represent lunar receptivity to all higher energies (crescent Moon), circle of infinite inclusion of spirit and the cross of matter which illuminates our growth from one point to another---our growth from allowing divine energies of goodwill to download into our physical bodies. As quantum physics has demonstrated, the observer affects the outcome of what is observed. A Mercury (intellectual) fallacy is that thought dominates. As if everything only happens only for a reason--yeah, right…ask Mercury…

‘Thrice Hermes’,‘Third times the charm! And ‘Third strike, you’re out!’. This little speedy bugger moves into retrograde motion three times a year for approximately three weeks. When guided by our feelings, we offer a couple of strikes, yes? If your Mercury is in a water or earth sign (yin signs), you’re more likely to offer redemption of a couple of strikes. If your Mercury is in a fire or earth sign, you’re more likely to need redemption of a couple of strikes.

If you don’t know your Mercury sign, use your Sun sign as an example of how you give (Yin/Feminine) or receive (Yang/Masculine) redemption. Or place your birthday in the comment section, I’ll answer you ASAP.

Water & Earth (Yin/Feminine Energy Signs)

Fire & Air (Yang/Masculine Energy Signs)

Cancer starting feeling/’I feel’

Aries starting action/’I am’

Scorpio sustaining feeling/’I desire’

Leo sustaining action/’I will'

Pisces adaptable feeling/’I believe’

Sagittarius adapting action/’I see’

Taurus sustaining physicality/’I have’

Aquarius sustaining mentality/’I know’

Virgo adaptable physicality/’I analyze’

Gemini adaptable mentality/’I think’

Capricorn starting physicality/’I utilize’

Libra starting mentality/’I balance’

We all have agreed to the physical plane rules through being born in these bodies. The cross of matter on a linear level centers upon our growth (our development from child to adult symbolizes this on an inner soul level). Don’t we all wanna be ‘old souls’, but not old aged? The vertical line of the cross represents the way we ask (invoke) divinity (higher vision/thoughts) to enter into our physical plane and sometimes our bodies. Even humorously saying ‘Jesus, take the wheel!’ may seem vain to certain literal and/or religious folx, but Mercury in retrograde motion blends the light and dark, playful and serious. Like the circle of trust, Mercury’s circle of infinity or spirit includes both the positive and negative. Hopefully, upon sage reflection the crescent moon receives a message that resonates unity and transcendence of both--light and dark.

To say ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ or any other symbol that you give higher power to is an invocation. Invocations are what we now call an ‘ask’. To our narrowly & outwardly focused egos, we may self-depreciate when it comes to recognizing divine energies in our daily lives. So we rely upon humor. Humor can be an effective way of delivering a message we might otherwise miss. Personally I prefer saying ‘Baby Black Jesus’ if for no other reason that others easily get offended overlooking my intention to be fully irreverent! When you exhibit true humility, what others think is truly none of your business! Where would we all be without humility coupled with our egos’ need for growth from time to time? Probably on an extreme level entertaining isolating and suicidal thoughts, huh?

Anatomy of Mercury in Retrograde Motion 

From December 13 (Sagittarius New Moon) to 23, Mercury will appear to move backwards in the sign of Capricorn. This sign likes to believe that it knows best (like Father/Daddy, no matter the physical presentation) about how to distribute resources. Imagine these next ten days we have an ability to re-examine how we communicate to others from a hierarchical perspective. 

Do we seek out others who seem to have less on the earth plane (money, status, authority aka privilege)? Out of guilt or shame about what we possess do we offer to help those to support a self-image of #goodChristian, #good girl or boy or being a savior? Have we identified with the physical plane that we only believe what we can see with our physical eyes? How have we ignored the invisible world? Unless we have been brought low through loss, how do we assume we are one of the ‘chosen ones’ simply because we have more (be that money, beauty, status or power)?

Mercury spends much time during this retrograde movement in relation to Saturn (pragmatic karmic teacher) in mystical Pisces. He asks us to integrate our spirit with the physical world. All retrograde motions underscore an energy of the reflect upon the asset of redemption. When moving forward, Mercury and its association with communication, can easily take for granted that everything that is said aligns with our intention. Retrograde times are made for pausing. In Capricorn and Sagittarius, any ‘falls from grace’ will be, like the revolution, televised (thanks to Gil Scott Heron for this image). Check your intentions at your mouth’s opening. As my grandmother used to say “if you don’t have something nice to say about someone, stay quiet’. Thanks abuela, however, I’ve added ‘all spoken judge-ment is self judge-ment’. Now, reread that last sentence and pause at the hyphen, ok?

These two signs can be the most judge-mental. Capricorn from an acute awareness of the limitations of the physical world of time and space. Sagittarius can judge from a ‘high horse’ position of ‘my gods are better than yours’. Out of all 12 signs, they can lean into the ‘mean spirited’ meme easily and often. Those 20 days or so that Mercury creates a parallel reality in Sagittarius (Dec 23 to Jan 13, 2024) can have a fall from grace in direct proportion to our instantaneous opinions being conflated with universal truths. During his thrice timing self in this adaptable fire sign of Sagittarius remember ‘you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time’. If this sounds like a curse, you’re already leaning into guilt or blame based upon your inner awareness of saying one thing and doing another. Allow Neptune in Pisces to aid you in slowing your judge-mental roll. 

Bless Your Hearts---Neptune in Pisces 2012-2025/6

Realize that all of us since 2012 have been learning lessons in oneness, that is, our outer world reflects our inner world. Such statements as ‘like attracts like’ and ‘you get what you expect (or paid for)’ come to heart and to mind. It’s our minds that ask ‘What to do?’ Nothing. Take as little outer action as possible, particularly when it comes to another’s behavior. Look within first. If you have ‘to do’ something take a usually hypocritical Southern saying and ‘bless their hearts’. Except during a Mercury retro, he records your intention behind any and all unreflected upon statements---the more you say them from a false motivation, the more likely the very situation you are afraid of happening, manifests.

Mercury in Direct Motion in Capricorn

January 13, 2024 (Capricorn New Moon) on---Mercury helps us get down to business of bringing home our Cosmic bacon. All things Capricorn gives us what we’ve worked for AND turned over to our attendant ‘gods and goddesses’. Translation, when we take conscious responsibility for co-creation of our reality, shared and individual, we can relax and turn over action that our benign Cosmos supports. You’ll feel when you’ve done enough. We’ve had over 200 years of Western expansionism called ‘Manifest Destiny’. Now our expansion comes for our inner space. Know what intangible assets you possess aka personal superpowers. These emanate energetically through a Chuang Tsu (contemporary of Lao Tzu) who said ‘Easy is right’. Contemplate.

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