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This is how the sign of Libra affects your sign. ?Relationships rule! ?How do you think neutrally while keeping in touch with your ideals?

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, Libra requires that your subjective reactionary fiery impulses be moderated.

What?s a warrior to do in peacetime, huh, Aries?? Fight for social justice and be a pragmatic moral compass for the underdog, the disenfranchised.? Like your friend, Aquarius, you speak truth to power, but you also demand that we act.

What?s the entitled king or queen to do, Leo?? Have a party, whether that is to watch the upcoming debates or to sell jewelry, you can create the exact atmosphere that everyone is welcome to shine brightly.? Through bringing diverse peoples together who trust your heartfelt intent, you aid the growth in your chosen community and family.

What?s the university professor needing to profess, Sag?? Have a vision will travel, that?s you.? In your more insecure states you provoke and create friction to take the attention off of your failings.? Not good at this time.? We need your humor, not your defensive mean spiritedness. 2016 has been a lesson in self-restraint, for sure.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn enjoy the neutrality that Libra time offers.? We need your ?no nonsense? attitude to travel these bumpy Bette Davis like rides.

How can you bring even more beauty and tranquility into the world, Taurus?? You have a gift of practical humor.? You know what (or who) is not adding value to a situation.? These days instead staying silent, speak your concerns regarding those who have taken advantage of others.

Virgo, being exacting is not a sin, but how can you speak your truths without hurting our feelings?? Tell us what we?re doing well first, before you critique us, ok?? Libra gives you an opportunity to refine what your gifts are, no impatience allowed (and that includes yourself).

Awww, Cap, so you?re being challenged by work and family?? Your test of how you use your will matters.? Your integrity will make the difference between being seen as a hypocrite versus the rock solid soul on whom we depend.? Tell us what your physical limits are, we want you to play tortoise, not the hare in our story, please.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius must circulate.? Ideas reasonably expressed create realities that help all of us to evolve.

Gemini, your twin can turn evil when you harbor secret resentments based on a sense of entitlement.? Yet, you have the chilled heart of a Zen master.? We need your heart now.? Your mind can be used to inquire, but not to judge, ok?

Libra, all eyes are on you.? Expand, but not over indulge, meet and greet, but don?t become effusive and overshare.? Leave your worries in a Victorian picnic basket, worry about history while maintaining a peaceful vision of the best is yet to come AND that the past will not repeat itself.

Aquarius, as the Water Bearer you are to remain in touch with your personal feelings, not disassociate from them.? When you detach too much, your thoughts and speech can take on a sadistic tone?and tone matters about 30-40% of the time in our verbal communications.? Higher consciousness is yours to express, just make sure we?re in a listening mood (take notes from party loving Leo or sensual Taurus to get us in a more receptive frame of mind).

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces must seek their own emotional level to weather any storms ahead.? Libra can make you feel cloudy, even rainy, when you?d rather be by the lake or ocean.

Cancer, please know which moods belong to you.? Any overly aggressive folk need to be escorted out of your life until Thanksgiving.? They?ll return when their heart has shifted toward inclusiveness.

Scorpio, you?re sick and tired, *of being sick and tired.? Libra offers a chance at making peace, but * there has to be conflict *first.? You do not start the battle and you do not back down either.? With Mars and Pluto dancing together most of October, your mind senses hostility from others.? Libra gives you the skills of defusing most psychic bombs.? No road rage!

Pisces, continue float of those pink clouds of your own making, a bit of escape is what this stargazer orders.? Simply remember to communicate what miracles you?ve seen.? You are the zodiac?s spiritualist, so we need your empathic brand of ?universal love?.? Libra only wants you be judicious in how your express your love and to whom.


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