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?Keepin? it 100? means keeping it real, authentic. With the Sun (ego) and Moon (subconscious) opposing each other across the ?I am? Aries and ?I balance? Libra, you?d think very little could go wrong. Learning how to consider another?s perspective is very Libran. Knowing your own direction centers Aries folx. However, Pluto sits at the fulcrum point of this Full Moon at 21 degrees of Capricorn.

Pluto is not simply an agent of personal change. He is the ?whistle-blower?. He blows the cover off of all schemes made up and for the ego?s aggrandizement. As mythological lord of the underworld, he takes us down to where the sun don?t shine. He chews up all false speech or action. He keeps it real. How about a little power struggle with your dinner? What about effing leaving that statement ?let?s agree to disagree? behind? What about bothersiderism? Pluto will have none of these tricks. It is full on illumination of where you have enable your shadow to take control.

As a generational planet, Pluto connects us to collective power. If we take from his underground lair, we must give a ?reborn? self back to our community, family, mate or country. If we do not, we self-destruct in public for all the world to see, you know that proverbial ?fall from grace?. The fact that the initiating (aka ?in you face) signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn are involved in this triangle starts a crisis to be resolved. The missing sign is Cancer. The further away from your sense of belonging (first to self, then to family, etc.) the more you?ll make all your problems someone else?s fault. The more introspective and willing to tend to your own needs, the more chilled atmospheres that, not only will you create, but you?ll be invited back again.

whether you like it or not, the Full Moon represents a shift in direction. As each institution gets tested and then transformed, we are called to look within (Cancer), pause (Libra), imagine (Aries) our next collective steps (Capricorn). Imagine our egos are playing Jack Nicholson in ?A Few Good Men?. Can you handle the truth?

To balance those darker forces of Saturn and Pluto (along with the karmic/intense South Node of the Moon) is Jupiter (aspirations/expansion) and Ceres (Earth Mother). Bottom line is that self-care rules, eating well supports your best life (along with a healthy support system.)

Aries: Your instincts are on fire. It is important to know when directness feels demanding. With Pluto in elder statesman Capricorn it is increasingly important to know when to maturely express your feelings and when not to. This Full Moon may have you throwing an unnecessary tantrum based upon incomplete info. Your Olympic sport can be Jumping to Conclusions. Instead use the Libran energies to pause and reflect upon the larger ideals you?d like fulfilled in each close relationship.

Taurus: As a child of Venus, you prefer luxury and ease. It?s not the time for it (unless you?re on a spiritual retreat or vacation this weekend). You must stand your philosophical ground, even it differs from those around you. That agreeing to disagree thing has rarely worked out for you anyway, as you tend to distance, repel or ignore those who believe differently than you. You can be a peacemaker at work, though.

Gemini: I?m of the mind that your tribe chooses this Sun sign because you?ve been bored on Planet Earth. Full Moons can be crazy times. La Luna, short for ?lunatic? reflects your need to mix it up. An Aries Moon sets your world of ?why not?? on fire. Follow through on some of your spontaneity, just make sure the smartphone cameras are in another place. No one has to know which taboos you?re interested in breaking (or having evidence that you have).

Cancer: You are the fourth leg to this table of power struggle, constitutional crisis and general exhaustion any conscious American or global citizen feels. Your ability to withdraw and seek home within like any self respecting turtle is our model at present. Family of origin or those you?ve chosen are needed for your well-timed giving and receiving. Simply make sure you?re not calculatedly giving to receive. The last thing needed to be added to this Moon?s toxic atmosphere is transactional relating.

Leo: A carnival awaits you, particularly if you?ve been suppressing your appetites waiting for your ?cheat day?. Libra and Aries highlights your ability to behave as a free spirit. However, if you approach others without humility, your company may be rejected. Capricorn folx are your ?canary in the coal mine?. These elders remind you of your responsibilities to tend to our hearts, not just your own. Shared pleasure is often better pleasure, no?

Virgo: Your worth as it relates to another?s worth, that is a dilemma. Living to serve as you do can have you act as everyone?s messenger of hope and salvation while simultaneously forgetting the lesson for yourself. Like charity, compassion begins at home. As RuPaul is fond of saying, ?how you love somebody else, if you don?t love yourself?. I paraphrase. Another witticism ?you must love your neighbor as yourself.?. I quote Mark 12: 30-31. Whateves. Your smart exacting ass gets the point.

Libra: Because the Full Moon opposes your sign, you can think that you?re being assaulted. It is not fair, eh? No, it is not. There is no need for a mediator when everyone gets along. When you?re being honest with yourself, you know any disagreements that are occurring now are a direct result of your ?sweeping under rug? your real thoughts. Let physical world destabilize. You?ll can your footing in direct proportion to your standing up for your ideals, your principles.

Scorpio: Behind the scene services are as important as loads of spotlight on you. Use these next several weeks to observe and listen. Imagine what is not being said and then decide what or whom to believe. Your instincts have never been more exact as when you do not seek to be seen or right. Want what?s best for everyone without indulging the darkness within or without. Aries Moons can jump start a new health regime or recommitment to improving your work life and routines.

Sagittarius: Participation into some larger group that saves the world, city , family or community can be considered a ?pay-it-forward? act. Yet, it doesn?t have to be an act. It can be as simple as creating a ?gratitude list?. Make your sign?s holiday and give thanks for all you have. This Full Moon can illuminate your gifts and talents and the best way to use them. Your free spirit inspires us, particularly when you speak passionately about inclusive beliefs and values.

Capricorn: Aries and Libra challenge you to lose your innate cynicism. Well, your cynicism is born from your wounds, usually from a cold or calculating parent or authority figure. Realize that you can be acting as a cold authority figure to yourself. Allow this powerful Full Moon to shine light upon your judgements (starting with yourself). Like tenderness, try a little mercy. Get through these next couple of months, keep your eyes on the prize. Life gets better for you as you continue to act with integrity.

Aquarius: Wild child, dance the dance electric in the Full Moon skies (and Evening Star Venus)! Like your opposite sign Leo, you?re here to shine in your your individuality, unapologetically so. Living on a spectrum of personal responsibility and freedom of action (beholding to no one?s authority but your own) can wreak a crisis of faith now. Resist the temptation to tell others how to live and we?ll do the same for you (and overlook any bad unintended consequences from your behavior).

Pisces: Appreciation is where you keep us supporting your private dreams. You know how to charm anyone when you believe sincerely in what you?re saying. However, it?s best not to get greedy and ask for too much, a variation on ?beggars can?t be choosers?. Jupiter in Sagittarius says to look for , but don?t be expectant, benefactors in your career. You can search out mentors, though. How well do share money, time and your body?

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