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Aries Moon--Personal Passions Expressed

This weekend Aries Moon & Venus Star in Aries highlights personal passions. Living unapologetically trusting your instincts to become the hero or heroine in your own life.

You have nothing to defend when your trust your reflective instincts that create the foundation of honesty, integrity and clarity. Reflective indicates that you spend some downtime to unplug to realize which decisions have gotten to where you are in life. If you're playing the victim, know that this fiery Moon this weekend will weave visions of a more independent future.

However, you have the courage of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz-- you have to pull back the curtain on those allegedly 'powerful' forces that tell you what you're not good at, what can't be done or hasn't been done. Days before a New Moon are extremely reflective times. Aries is all about action. I recommend speaking from the heart in the present. Bring up the pasta experiences only as a bridge to let them go for a reconstructed future. Seek to restore relations between partners, family and friends.

What would you like the New Moon in Taurus to manifest for you? What do you have? What do you want to have--and more importantly can you soften enough to receive it?

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