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Birthright Meets Duty and Responsibility To Your Chosen Communities

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

It's been less than 100 years that Pluto was discovered. This dwarf planets provokes our egos through the awakening it with our conscience. 'Woke' is a concept to describe those who think and live outside of their silos of privilege. With Pluto's last days at the end of Capricorn, we are all reviewing our chosen roles we play when we contact the outside, be that from our smartphones to interacting IRL with other humans. Empathy, awareness and compassion are the usual virtues to describe such people. Like most aspects on various energetic spectrums there is a definite moving away from the binary of 'either/or' to a 'both/and'.

Each of the outer planets decimate these binaries:

Uranus shatters. Neptune dissolves. Pluto transforms. We are all on the spectrum of ego & soul, external activity & internal motivation.

Today's moderating mediator is Saturn. He and the Sun are sharing space at the 28th degree of Aquarius. The Sun illuminates our birthright. 'It's your birthday' is a running theme with the Sun---and you can cry, fuck or do anything you want to, right? Well, Daddy Saturn says 'no'. Saturn and his responsibilities are simply stronger than your own individual needs, especially as he ends his trek through his traditional home sign of Aquarius. The community comes first. And, the first community (hopefully communicating in unity) is our family. That's one reason why the last 2.5 years has been about focusing on your needs within the context of those closest to you. Helping all of us separate our values, ideals and priorities from those closest others is none other Uranus in Taurus.

Have you found your chosen communities? Have you realized that in showing compassion to yourself and your choices can mean you have more to give to those, especially those with whom you disagree? Can you allow yourself to neutrally accept these differences from a place of wholeness and love, instead of an 'us verses them' viewpoint? Do you see neutrality as weak and indecisive? Or you offer neutrality in the spirit of potential cooperation and mature compromise?

Today's Saturn and Sun alignment has all of the astrological markers to generate fear upon fear. However, you peer inside and recognize that all of your radiance comes from within, you have even more joy to share. Realizing that each day carries its own burdens can awaken even the most hard hearted and minded. Aquarius' shadow comes from a need to not only 'know it all' (shades of #ormignoranceweek #orm #ignorance) but to demonstrate that you are the smartest person in the room. Talk about setting up your own demise. Looking at the way you self-fulfill your own belief in the ego's constant need to be separate, unique and different. Nothing wrong with these goals to develop your unique gifts. What's 'off path' and therefore 'off putting' to the rest of us plebians (LOL) is when you overlook or make fun of everyone's else unique gifts. It's immodest at its best to snobbish to sociopathic at its worse. Ooh, smelly and repelling.

Take a page our of Leo's cookbook and include everyone in your daily recipes seasoned with joy, love and peace, yes? Choosing those communities where everyone who wants to speak is heard from the heart wins out over those communities that an attachment to the 'group we' is more important than our individual efforts. Everyone's participation matters.

Let's have a brand new day, ok? Let's allow Saturn to temper our Sun's propensity to burn us through an excessive dependence on the intellect and its braggadocious ways. Reflect over the past 2.5 years. Have you been more inclusive about those who disagree with you? If not, why not? Can you listen with love, resisting the temptation to jump to conclusions before another has fully communicated to you? Have you begun to see that neutrality is not synonymous with weakness or indecisive? Do you look for ways to cross those bridges over troubled waters? The Saturn in Aquarius years conspire to give us the skill set to be in uncomfortable situations or relationships without internalizing the disharmonic atmospheres. Let fear and swallow breathing be your body's guide to when harmony has left the conversation. Then look to where you can add love and understanding, thereby bringing equilibrium back to your surroundings. Saturn says if it's your conscious choice then it won't feel obligatory. Allow your individual spirit to radiate (Sun) what you want to receive from others.

Let's not freeze frame anyone. Everyone has an equal opportunity to do their due diligence when accessing their soul's voice. Everyone has a spiritual right to search for their inner truths in their own space and time. Allowing compassion to emanate from you without knowing why is a first step. Imagine a world that all judgement is self-judgment. We need a little tenderness applied to our wounds, so we know how to recognize when to apply the salve to another's wounds.

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