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Cancer ♋️ brings up the home, family and home--Leo is all heart


ancer ♋️ brings up the home, family and home. Messiah complex morphs into 'Captain Save a Ho or Mimbo (yes pretty young men can be saved--).

Love. As. Security. MILF's and DiLF's need only apply. And--that is a major point of mine--love fills a need--not a conscious self aware want founded upon a brilliant whole heart ❤️ 💙 💜.

Venus saddles up close to our blue green jewel and asks "have you integrated enough of your heart wounds to love from enlightened space"? If not, why not?

She retrogrades from July 23 to September 3. So, She's physically close to us--She stays in Leo ♌️ from June 5 to October 8. Please you can still all of her lovely things--just know what foundation upon which your live is being built. Any unfinished business? Any old flames you wanna spark?  

Well, my friends, Venus allows you to channel love, lust, pleasure & pain. Guilt and shame have no standing/place in her court of Equilibrium & Harmony. She offers us perspective, not judgement.

She can be as vulnerable as Julia Robert's character in Notting Hill or as protective and defiant to traverse gender roles ad Lucy Lawless playing Xena. (Before the current queer audience begins to criticize---please realize we endured such 'queer baiting' stories because we were that thirsty for any and all representation!)

This Warrior/Lover Goddess may at times to 'walk on eggshells'--or Walikng On Broken Glass'

She keeps notes and files better than any human made surveillance system---because it's the heart 💚 that stores them--it is not a 'karma is a bitch and then you die' that's so Saturn & Pluto (old men energy--leaky & dried up simultaneously). When Venus's heart is wounded in Leo--she shows up (or is it 'glowed up'?) even more 💖 radiant!! So, over past month have you been nursing past resentments? That is, being unwilling to get to the root of your wounds?

Venus in Leo demands you remove that thorn from you paw--or as Daddy Ru Paul puts it 'how in the hell you gon love anybody else when you can't love yourself? 

Over the years I've given the tribe of Leo lots and lots of mess. They've hurt me bunches--however, they've also brought me my best gifts!  A son (whom I'm immensely proud of, my first shared office space, my first edited column--and the list goes on and on!

Count 90 days from your date of birth & these folx will have knife & suture kit at their disposal--like Phil Collins sang-- you'll fill it in the air in the night (shadows) between you.

Venus in Leo opens our hearts. She help you lose your mental defenses and gently rock you into equilibrium. In this manner harmonic atmospheres will emanate around you & all your beloved--friends, lover &  children alike…

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